Kevin Ouellette is the owner and operator of Good Maine, formerly known as Amazing DJ Music. He was born and raised in New Hampshire and has two brothers and four beautiful nieces that he enjoys having dance parties with in his free time! Kevin moved to Maine to pursue music in 2002 and has been here ever since, buying his first home in Portland in 2013. He loves living in Maine.

For the past nine years, Kevin has been capturing memories, creating perfect song lists, and working with couples to plan their perfect day and he is passionate about his work. He considers it a privilege to be able to do work that he loves, meeting great new people and growing as an artist and that enthusiasm comes through in his work.  His positive, energetic personality and charisma make it easy for clients to connect and feel secure, confident, and at ease.

In his free time, Kevin enjoys golfing, working out, home improvement projects at his home and studio, and pursuing a variety of entrepreneurial projects. Within the past year, he published a children's book, A Quarter, an Elf, and Some Glue and designed a t-shirt line among other projects. He's looking forward to exploring and realizing more creative ideas in the new year while continuing to apply new ideas and energy to Good Maine.