The best, hands down! Kevin and Kristina Foley Green made my daughter and son in law’s day so stress free and incredibly fun. Hire them now! You’ll never be so happy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done!
— Sharon Taylor
Just had the pleasure of participating in one of Kevin’s events this weekend——and it was the best!!
He is so talented, thoughtful, professional, and detail oriented that my best friend’s wedding was a stressfree walk in the park.
Plus- he’s hilarious and super fun behind the scenes too!
Hire him immediately- unless you want a lame, lackluster affair.
He deserves more than 5 stars.
— Kali Pereira
Wow, where do I even start?!
Kevin is simply the best. He plans your day down to the minute, which seems like micromanagement, until you see it in action. Having him there made my day absolutely stress free. Not only does he spend the DAY(not just 6 hours) with you, he’s hilarious to boot! He really reads into to vibe of the wedding party and projects that throughout the ceremony and reception. I really couldn’t have asked for anything better. His attention to detail and creativity, make for spectacular photos(which I am so excited to get). He even carefully trapped a lady bug off my husbands back to take to the room for a ring/bouquet photo!
We had so many people tell us that he kicks ass and asking where I found him, we’ve also had multiple people say they just want to be his friend
I highly recommend Kevin and his fantastic assistant Kristina Foley Green to execute your day. I’m sad knowing it’s over and that I won’t get to experience his contagious energy again!
— Kate Cressey
Kevin is seriously the master of all! He kept us calm all day, got some beautiful photos, entertained to the fullest and made sure me and my new husband were taken care of in all aspects. He made everything feel seamless and perfect! Everyone at my wedding as they were exiting let me know how much they loved him and would recommend him to anyone who is getting married in the near future. I loved every moment of my big day and would not have changed anything for the world! His assistant( Kristina Foley Green ) also was wonderful!! We could not have asked for anything better!! I would recommend him all day!!!!
— Jenna K Estep
I work for one of the most popular wedding venues in Maine, and I sought Kevin out following several amazing experiences with him at my venue. I always marveled at his energy, charisma and unfathomable capability of playing MC, Planner, Coordinator, DJ and Photographer perfectly, all at once. I approached Kevin because I had been wanting to rebrand myself through my website and LinkedIn, and just have a stock of professional photos. From an emotional standpoint, I have had a tough year and a half, with hormonal imbalances throwing my weight all over the place and other personal struggles making it difficult to maintain any self-esteem. After months of working to get things back on track, and working hard - I have been feeling amazing and wanted to honor the person I was becoming with new photos of myself. When I called Kevin, I didn’t have a clear vision and I felt crazy having my pictures done – but he made me feel comfortable right away. For three whirlwind hours, Kevin, with my boyfriend in tow, brought me all over Portland. His infectious enthusiasm made a lifetime of shyness disappear. He kept me laughing, encouraged me and continued to make me feel like the absolute center of his universe, all while somehow capturing photos that I feel truly reflect who I am. He continued to spoil me and brought me into his lovely friend’s store, Expressly Trends, where he and the owner dressed me up in the most beautiful outfits to photograph. It was clear he wanted to make this experience special for me, and his excitement over how I looked in everything I put on made me feel like a model. Kevin even took the time to take some photos of the shop owner’s young daughter as I was switching outfits – something that obviously made this little girl feel so beautiful and so special. It wouldn’t surprise me if that one small exchange was something that girl would treasure forever. To add to his uncanny skill set, Kevin even managed to make me comfortable enough to photograph all through downtown Portland, where hundreds of people were going on about their day. He was all smiles with passerby’s, spreading his light all through town. It honestly felt like everyone was cheering me on. Kevin carries himself with a genuine kindness and a willingness to make others happy, and it was absolutely infectious. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun doing something out of my comfort zone. Even after spending the day making me feel like a queen when Kevin found out it was my boyfriend and I’s two-year anniversary, he was even willing to take some photos of us. It was one of the most special moments we’ve experienced as a couple, and the photos are something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I can’t say enough good things about Kevin Ouellette of Amazing DJ Music – he gave me one of the most special, unique experiences I have ever had. I could not recommend him to everyone in the universe more. Thank you, Kevin, for making me feel so incredibly beautiful and special, I am eternally grateful to you and for all your kindness and generosity.

(My first review from October 2016) I had such a blast working a wedding this past weekend with Kevin at Granite Ridge Estate and Barn and he was incredible. He was seemingly everywhere at once but made it look seamless. He’s funny, gregarious, obviously passionate about his craft and his warmth permeated throughout the entire day. I don’t know when I’ll get married or where, but wherever it is - I’m flying Kevin out for it.)
— Jamie Lee
If you are looking for the Master of fun and photo’s Kevin is your man!! This past Saturday he did my son and daughter in laws wedding and reception. He made everything from the pictures to the music fun and flawless. It may sound strange but he brought energy and calm all at the same time, in what can be a stressful time. If you are looking for a DJ/ photographer there is no way to go wrong with Kevin!!! Just a warning, be prepared for your face and stomach to hurt from laughing!!
— Lora Willis Estep

I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin this weekend at my best friend’s wedding and I must say I was very impressed with just how organized he is. One thing I also pointed out to the bride was that every time he sensed she was starting to feel stressed he would instantly find a solution and made us all feel so calm and relaxed!! Not only is he organized and a great event planner but he is also a kick-ass DJ!!!
— Anne Faucher
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— Claire C.
It’s been a few months now since our special day. Looking back I can honestly say having Kevin be our Photographer and DJ was one of the best decision we made!! He is so organized, experienced, and has so much personality!! He made everyone feel welcome and excited, got everyone dancing, kept everyone dancing, created a smooth flow for our whole wedding and still was able to get amazing photos of it all!! I’m so thankful for Kevin and Kristina!! They are truly amazing and just a pleasure to work with!!! Love you guys!!!
— Meredith Tupper
We hired Kevin for our PTA fundraiser and he was awesome! He kept every child engaged and smiling. He was full of energy and excitement. Just what we needed for a crowd of kids ranging from kindergarten through 5th grade. He did a wonderful job choosing music and engagement processes for each age group. The older kids were totally fired up and very active and the youngest kids were entertained in a lower key, more controlled, but very fun way. We are looking forward to working with Kevin again.
— Angie Morin
We hired Kevin to provide the music, photography, and planning assistance for our wedding and we could not be happier with our choice!
Leading up to the wedding he met with us many times and helped us lay out the entire day so we knew what was happening every 30 minutes or so. This greatly reduced the stress of the unknown and gave us confidence that we knew how the day would go.
The day of the wedding Kevin was great! He was able to put a very nervous bride at ease and make friends with both of our young godsons’ to get great photos of them. We could not be happier with the photos, music, and wedding planning help we got from Kevin.
— Melissa Tarbox
Top notch for any occasion hands down!!!! Out of the box, Creative, and most of all fun and easy to work with.This guy is the best!!! Kevin has taken outstanding pictures of my four day old son, six day old son, one year old sons, my entire family reunion as well as photos in the hospital for one of my unfortunate family members. There is a reason we continue to go back to him for any occasion that requires more than a cell phone photo shoot. Since I’ve gotten to know him a little bit over the years my level of repeat has grown for him. He never stops surprising me with his newest and latest photos of people, pets and events.
— Ric Roy
Kevin was high energy and dynamic from my first telephone conversation with him until my final thank you on my daughter’s wedding day. His wedding planning skills are expertly executed, his DJ personality is beyond entertaining and his photography is an art form. Thank you Kevin for literally “taking the shirt off your back” and making the most special day of my daughter and son-in-law’s life extraordinary! Kendra and Kenny’s wedding day was a dream come true. It was the kind of day that we as parents hoped and wished for our daughter. For all those who didn’t hear it in my wedding speech “ Thank you Kevin Ouellette for all your attention to detail, laughs, hard work, tumbling, and sweat of your brow overall amazing wedding planning, DJ, photography services. Thank you to your great assistant Kristina Foley Green!”
— Susan Anderson
Kevin is a fabulous photographer and friend.... I recently entered the OCB Maine Bikini competition on September 23rd this year and asked Kevin if he would do a photo shoot for me 1 week prior to the competition..... He did and the pictures were amazing! His skills are incredible and he always seems to have the best ideas for posing. Thanks again Kevin for such a wonderful keepsake!
— Leigh Whitney Sullivan
Hiring Kevin to coordinate, DJ, MC and photograph our wedding was the best decision we ever made. Yes, he really does it all, and is incredible in each field. He’s a true professional, and adds his positive fun energy to enhance your big day. There is no way we could have put our wedding together in less than a month without him. The day was beautiful, the timing was seamless, our dance floor was non stop all night long, and our photos are stunning. Thank you Kevin, you really are amazing!!!!
— Wendy Wilke
Kevin was it. Not only did he help coordinate our wedding weekend down to the minute, but he was available 24/7 with any little question or concern we had. The day of the wedding Kevin made sure the day went smoothly and as planned. Even if there was a small bump or problem, it wasn’t one for long. Kevin took care of everything. Just when I thought I could not love him more, the reception started. His music choices were perfection and his energy was palpable. Every guest came up to us asking where we found him. It is incredible how much passion and effort he puts into everything he does. We were so lucky to work with him!
Thank you so much Kevin! You will never fully know how grateful and appreciative we are for you
— Danielle Wood
I was a guest at one of his weddings and my goodness I wish I would have known of him when I got married!!!! He’s just so amazing! He pays close attention to detail and is fully committed to the day and seeing that it runs smoothly! So personable and fun too!

5 Star Review
— Marta Elena
Kevin has an amazing ability to bring out and capture people’s personalities on camera. I recently had family photos taken and not only did the photos come out better then expected but we had fun while getting them. I have four young children and have struggled through more the one mall style photo shoot for ok photos. Kevin controlled the chaos that is four young kids with ease and repeatedly got photos of all four at once, that were amazing.
Thanks again

Five Star
— Mike Carrier
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— Claire C.
Just received my professional wedding photos and OMG I can’t stop saying OMG because they are so amazing Kevin Ouellette !!!! Every exciting and emotional memory was captured... It was the perfect day from start to finish and I have amazing photos to look back and reflect on our perfect day at granite ridge estate!! I can’t wait to share them with everyone and am excited for everyone to reminisce on how much fun they had dancing at our wedding!!
— JD Prattski
Kevin’s photography is stunning, his energy and dancing elevates his DJ services, and his positive attitude & eagerness to please makes him a great business owner and pleasure to work with. I’ve known him since he bought his first camera and had seen his work transform remarkably fast to the professional he is today; it’s amazing truly! I work for a catering company and am delighted anytime we get to work together at a wedding or other event... he knows what he’s doing and can always make the perfect suggestion if/when needed. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a quality product done in a fun fashioned atmosphere. I also recommend you check out his children’s book; a good lesson, cute graphics, and a fun story all together!
— Janelle DeNormandie
Kevin and his team were awesome! He does it all; wedding planning, photography, photo booth and a fantastic DJ to boot that knows how to get the crowd jacked up and on the dance floor. He is extremely organized which made the whole day run so much smoother. His team executed perfectly. They thought of everything we didn’t. Thanks again guys! You were awesome! I would highly recommend.
— James Lindvallll
Kevin is a truly talented photographer with an amazing eye. I was nervous about the shoot but he did an impressive job making me feel comfortable in front of the camera. Best photographer I’ve ever worked with!
— Rebecca Keon
Hiring Kevin was the best decision we made for our wedding. From helping us plan every detail, to taking our engagement photos, to jumping the highest he’s ever jumped at his DJ booth, Kevin went above and beyond to make our wedding day the absolute best day of our lives. He was always available to answer any questions, make suggestions, or problem solve throughout our entire wedding planning process. Even with a few hiccups on our wedding day, we knew that everything was going to run smoothly because Kevin was in charge. He took the all the stress away from us, which truly allowed us to just enjoy the entire day.
Kevin is personable, fun and professional. He had everyone on the dance floor all night - he knows how to read a room and played all the right music at all the right times. He takes the most BEAUTIFUL pictures and makes sure that your day is all about you.
If you are getting married - stop reading reviews and researching and hire Kevin - I can’t recommend him and his staff highly enough!!!
— Sarah Shoot
This past fall, my mother was diagnosed with cancer, devastating my family and leaving us feeling helpless to do anything for her. My brother suggested that we get family photos done before she began losing her hair, since she’s always wanted an update family portrait (the last one we had done was when my youngest sister was 6 months old...27 years ago - yikes!). As soon as my brother suggested it, I knew that Kevin Ouellette was the photographer we needed. Given our short timeline with chemo treatment, and the challenge of schedule wrangling 7 adults and 2 children, Kevin was extremely kind, empathetic, and accommodating. During the photo shoot Kevin was fun, engaging and truly amazing with my 2 and 4 year old nephew and niece, who typically clam up when strangers are around. The photos are absolutely stunning and my family can’t stop talking about what a great experience it was. I cannot thank Kevin enough. If you ever need a photographer, do yourself a favor and make Kevin your first and only call. Trust me, you won’t regret it!
— Julie Rowland
Kevin is among the best there is. AND MUSIC??? Come onnnnn. Stop being perfect at everything. Next up: Cakes. :)
— Jeff Kirlin
Very easy to work with,willing to listen to ideas. Great photos.And the music was very popular with the guests! Highly recommended!!
— Phil Esposito
I recently worked with Kevin when I officiated a friend’s wedding. Kevin is prepared for everything and ensures that the entire wedding day is smooth and enjoyable. I met with Kevin to review the ceremony plans in advance and contacted the bride immediately after our meeting to tell her there was nothing to stress about because Kevin had it all under control — I was right! Kevin & Christina are an unstoppable team that make the whole wedding day enjoyable for everyone. Kevin’s pictures truly capture the best parts of the day and it’s a huge bonus that he has them ready and available so quickly. Plus, Kevin is fun to have around!
— Katie Hawkins
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— Pablo
I brought my son Jacob to Kevin for his senior pictures. Kevin has taken all of our family pictures over the last 5 years, so I knew that even though Jacob doesn’t love having his picture taken, Kevin would bring enough excitement to the shoot for everyone. Kevin got so many amazing shots, far exceeding my expectations as always. Kevin’s natural ability to read people makes him an exceptional photographer, especially helpful for those who are a bit apprehensive when they start out. Seriously, if you haven’t booked a shoot with Kevin yet, you’re really missing out!
— Sandie Doyon
5 Stars

We hired Kevin about a year before our wedding based on the great reviews and his photography style. While we assumed he was great given all the 5 star reviews, you don’t really know how great until you hire him. We planned our wedding by ourselves down to every last detail at a venue that was a blank slate (an empty barn). Having to hire a rental company, a caterer, a bar tender, a cake maker, a DJ, a photographer and a coordinator and having to do all the design, planning, setup and cleanup on our own seemed like a daunting task and it would have been had we not hired Kevin. Kevin, who, contrary to popular belief, is one man, was our DJ, our photographer and our kickass coordinator. That’s TWO vendors we didn’t have to deal with separately.

Coordination: Leading up to the wedding, we had a monthly call with Kevin and more frequently the closer we got to the wedding. We planned every minute and detail of the day from when I would wake up in the morning and what I would eat for breakfast, to the time the night was over. Having this timeline of events took so much stress away and made it seem like our wedding would really come together. Kevin also helped with my random questions and worries and made the process much more relaxed and fun. The day of the wedding, everything went seamlessly because of all the work Kevin had put in leading up to it. We weren’t exactly on time with every part of the day, but Kevin, of course, works in “oh shit” time so that if you do run past the planned amount of time for something like hair and makeup, you’re still on time.

Photography: We loved Kevin’s natural and bright photos. He makes being photographed extremely comfortable and fun. We haven’t seen all of our photos but we are slightly obsessed with the ones we have seen. All of our guests commented on how amazing our sneak peak pictures are. He really captured the beauty of the day in a non-invasive way. We loved that Kevin and his assistant Kristina took their time with the photos of just the two of us, driving miles from the venue to find the picture perfect spot. We will cherish those moments by ourselves and those photos forever! During the reception, when Kevin was on his DJing/MC duties, Kristina was manning the camera so that not a moment was missed. At one point, Kevin was on his back in the middle of the dance floor taking pictures of the dance party. Enough said. You also own all your photos with printing rights and you get a photographer for the entire day which was about 14 hours for us – most photographers give you 5-8 hours and charge extra beyond that! Apparently not enough said.

Music: Kevin was also a great DJ! He had great suggestions for songs/styles for our ceremony, cocktail hour, entrances, dances, cake cutting, etc. and kept the party going all night. He is an absolute maniac (in a good way) behind the DJ table, with so much energy it was impossible to leave the dance floor.

The quality of the services and package you get with Kevin is worth far more than we spent on it. I cannot imagine my wedding day without Kevin there and without the help he gave us during the entire year leading up to it. We had the absolute best time at our wedding in large part because we hired Kevin! Thank you Kevin and Kristina! Hire them. JUST DO IT.
— Clarice Pepper
5 star
Kevin and his assistants are FANTASTIC! We had him for our wedding this summer and I’ve been at other weddings that he worked, he is consistently amazing. His photography exceeded my expectations, and his DJ skills and energy MAKES the party! He had all our guests ages 2 to 92 on their feet dancing the night away.
He is extremely organized, FUN, and professional and he made or wedding day stress free. When you hire Kevin, he will be with you from the moment the first curling iron is turned on to start getting ready to the time the venue manager flips on the lights to kick everyone out. ��I recommend him to anyone who wants beautiful wedding photos and a fun party.
— Mallory Mangino
Where do I even start with how amazing Kevin is?! This is my second time using Kevin for professional photos. The first was for my business. The second was for a senior photo shoot for an exchange student I hosted. Both were A+ experiences! His passion for his art is unmatched. His attention to detail is unparalleled. His enthusiasm is contagious. He went out of his way to accommodate my situations. He is the gold standard that everyone hopes for when hiring a professional.
It’s been said that Steve Jobs wasn’t successful just because of his brilliance, it was also because he truly understood what people wanted... If that’s the secret to success, Kevin is the Steve Jobs of his industry! :) Hire him for your event. I promise you’ll love every second!
— Rick Sprauge
5 star
Our experience working with Kevin was incredible! Early morning clouds and cold temps thwarted photo shoot plans with our 10 month old, however Kevin didn’t hesitate to offer alternate options from which we could choose. As disastrous as a nap time shoot could have been, he nailed it with our kiddo. So many giggles and beautifully moments captured. The collection of photos is truly more than we had hoped for! Looking forward to working with him again for my sister’s wedding in January!!
— Megan Bull
Words cannot describe how talented Kevin is. He is incredibly creative, finding unique settings that transform the average into extraordinary. I’m sure you could attain a nice photo from many photographers but if u want an original work of art that captures your individual personality and beauty, Kevin is your man. He is an artist who puts the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” into new light. You will certainly be impressed!
— Nicole Ann Duguay Paraskos
Kevin did an amazing playing music at my birthday party today! He’s wonderful with kids and kept everyone involved! Photo booth was a great way to save memories of this great day! Highly recommended! Maybe I will just adopt him! If you can get Kevin to do your event, you won’t regret it!
— Jane Kimball Foley‎
I can’t rave enough about Kevin! It has never been easy to get my boys exited about family photos. It is not any easier now that they are adults! They agreed out of love and respect. As I knew they would be, they were pleasantly surprised when Kevin arrived and introduced himself! He is a people person without a doubt!! Our photo session was fun and full of laughter thanks to Kevin’s charisma and positive energy. He is quick to pick up on individual needs, interests, and personalities while effortlessly melding them together. I am so grateful that he was able to capture who we are, beautifully, in a rare and short amount of time that we are able to be together. It means more to me than I can express in words. Kevin is a special individual and puts magic into the lens!
— Michelle Bartlett
So many people gave me the advice “Take every minute in. It goes by so fast, and then it’s over.” Some of them even added “I don’t even remember my wedding it went by so fast”. I am happy to say, that this is not at all how I felt. Sure, it does go by fast. However, working with Kevin, I felt that I was able to literally sit back and enjoy my own wedding. What a relief. I wasn’t the one running around making sure all the i’s were dotted and the t’s were crossed. He did that. When my husband and I started the search, we were looking first for a DJ. I came across Kevin’s website and I thought to myself “this sounds too good to be true”. Then I told my husband about him and he thought that there was no way he was able to do everything he says he does. But, after reading him all of the reviews he agreed that we should at least meet him. We met Kevin up in Portland and I knew from minute one that I wanted to work with him. My husband is a little tricky to read, so I couldn’t wait to get in the car and find out what he thought. The first thing out of his mouth when the door closed was “Wow, we need to hire him”. So, we called Kevin that night and lucky for me, he said yes! We live 2 hours away from Kevin, so we had most of our meetings over the phone. He has this down to a science. He told us what we needed to do, when we needed it done by, and if we were struggling with anything, he gave us advice on how to approach it. Then the day of my wedding, I was in my hotel room eating breakfast with all of my bridesmaids and he walked in. I felt an instant feeling of relief. I knew that I no longer needed to worry about anything. He came in and introduced himself and immediately got to work. He kept everyone on schedule all day. Bobby and I did our “first look” photos in downtown Plymouth, MA. There were a lot of tourists out and about, but Kevin worked his magic and was able to smooth talk the tourists into stepping aside so he could the perfect shot for us. I cannot wait to see all of the pictures he took. Then it was time for the wedding to start. He worked with the venue and told me and the wedding party where to be and when. I was so relaxed sitting in the bridal suite. I am typically someone that needs to have everything in place. I’m the one that my friends look to to make plans, and I often get stressed if things don’t go accordingly. Everyone kept asking me if I was okay, or if I was nervous, or if I was freaking out. My reply was “I’ve never felt so calm”. I mean, it was my wedding happening in 15 minutes and I could honestly say that!!!! That right there should be enough to have your deposit check already made out! Fast forward to the reception – I have one-word ENERGY! Kevin has so much energy. He was dancing all night. He kept the mood up on the dance floor and met the crowd with songs they wanted to hear. The dance floor was packed from the minute dinner was done until it was time to leave. I heard so many comments about how much fun all of my guests were having, and I have Kevin to thank for that. OH! I almost forgot to mention how amazing he is with children! I had 2 bridesmaids, a 4 and 5-year old, a 9-month old ring bearer, and a few other children as guests and he was so patient with them. He got them all to belly laugh during the pictures. It was really heartwarming to watch. I cannot say enough about how great it was to have Kevin with me every step of the way. Now that the wedding is over, the only thing I’m sad about is that my time working with Kevin is over. I’ll just have to go to Portland and make some excuse to visit him! Thank you Kevin for everything. You made my wedding day perfect.
— Mary Fox
I don’t like getting my picture taken... except when it’s by Kevin. Besides the fact that he consistently produces gorgeous photos that capture his subjects’ personalities, he makes the process really damned fun. He had our whole family laughing and playing within just a few minutes of starting our photo shoot. Kevin is spontaneous, hilarious, and a truly gifted photographer.
— Lynn Shattuck
Kevin was awesome for our wedding in June. His efforts go way past just the wedding day as he was incredibly helpful getting us fully prepared WELL before our big day - things we never would have thought of he already had plans for. He was as excited for us as we were and very receptive to our ideas. He kept everyone in line and made the day go precisely as planned. The party after the ceremony was unreal - the music, the atmosphere, everything - was everything and more than we could have asked for. Can’t thank him and Kay enough and would absolutely recommend them. Three of our guests immediately asked for his contact information.
— Brian Doon
5 Stars

If their were six stars Kevin and Kay would get them!! If you are planning your own wedding and you have never planned one before, HIRE KEVIN! Seriously! I had my fiancee do most of the talking with him because he was way better at hearing advice from experience and integrating it with my perfect wedding ideas haha! From well before the big day, Kevin helps you get prepared! Prepare to create the most detailed day of timeline you have ever seen! He helped us build more time into our day so that we got all we wanted out of it. (Side note: it rained during my ceremony, but I had already gotten a huge slew of pictures in perfect weather) He acted as our day of planner and was there from 7:30am to 9:30pm working his #ss off! He came up with plan C that made my groom and I much happier than our own plan B. He is like a one man party. Telling jokes during tense moments. His “Oh Sh*t” box. Amazing photographer and talented DJ as far as reading a crowd. Everyone loved him! He has packages that include sound, MC, photographer and a photo booth and I would highly recommend Amazing DJ to anyone in Western and Southern Maine planning a wedding!!
— Shalise Forti
Kevin and Kristina Foley Green were awesome!! I couldn’t be happier with how wonderful Kevin was from the minute he walked in the door he made the day flow and took control of all the little details!
Not only did he take perfect pictures that we will cherish for the rest of our lives but he made it so our day was organized and fun so we could relax and enjoy ourselves!
He even drove me to my wedding which is going above and beyond what anyone would expect!
We can’t wait to hire him again for future photos.
Kevin you are a very talented person and we absolutely loved you!!!! Keep doing what your doing !!
— Amanda Peterson
If you are a bride-to-be please stop and take a moment to give Kevin a call. It will be the best decision you make for your wedding! Not only is he full service, he goes above and beyond to make sure your day is exactly how it should be. Let me tell you, our wedding plans changed 10 times and Kevin was always a constant. He went with the flow and always calmed me down. My children loved him and his patience with them was unwavering. He saw my vision and indulged me with the perfect photos I was trying to capture. He stood with us in the rain for hours capturing the important moments we wanted to save for a lifetime. We do not have enough thanks for what this amazing man has done for us. Thank you for being our memory catcher- you will always have a special place in our hearts.
— Amber Michael Lombardi
5.0/5.0 Stars

Quality of Service: 5.0 Responsiveness: 5.0 Professionalism: 5.0 Value: 5.0 Flexibility: 5.0

So for us...we got engaged and booked him was the very first thing we did because he is simply the best and books quickly. We had seen him in action at a friends wedding a few years ago and knew we had to have him when it came to ours. You get engaged and you are so excited and then it all hits you...the stress. Kevin is quite simply a life saver...he takes the stress that weddings cause and simply diffuses most of it by putting the entire wedding on a timeline...everything and everyone in the wedding party has a spot to be at a certain time not to mention the venue knows what time things are scheduled to happen which majorly reduces stress and Kevin is the point person on the day of event...we spent months meeting and discussing details to put into the time line...and he would give me homework of things that I needed to do and the next time we would meet I would bring my homework and we would go over that and discuss what the next assignment would be. There are back up plans to the back up plans and being a bride and groom under Kevin’s watchful eye is the least amount of stress you will ever have...for an example: We had a few guests who decided that things needed to be shaken up which made me feel very upset but instead of letting that ruin the day, Kevin took it and smoothed everything out, put us, the bride and groom, back in the center of attention and we got amazing photos from all of it in the end...Kevin loves what he does and it shows in his work. Kevin is simply an amazing person who just radiates love, compassion, and understanding. Every guest has told me how amazing our wedding was from the food to the cake but Kevin totally took their expectations of what a wedding should be and raised the bar... Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding day and you will have that if you have Kevin and his amazing assistant with you. You simply can not have any better. Thank you!
— Courtney Voight and Justin Voight
If you’re looking for a photographer, DJ, wedding planner, or photo booth. Look no further… seriously! STOP! Kevin was amazing! We couldn’t stop talking about him for weeks after the wedding, and not just us, our families and friends as well. At first, I thought that I didn’t need a wedding planner, I could easily do this on my own. I was wrong! From the moment we first sat down with him, I felt like we were immediate friends. He seemed truly excited about our wedding and his enthusiasm was contagious. He had our wedding day timed to the minute. If that task was up to me, I would’ve been late to my own wedding…. By days! He’s been in this business long enough to know everything that could go wrong, how to prevent anything from going wrong, and what to do if something does go wrong. His “Oh Shit” case amazed me. His toolbox included anything that you could imagine. Our wedding took place on a beautiful FIFTY EIGHT degree rainy, windy day in July. I was losing my mind to say the least. He sat us down the week of the wedding and already had back up plan(s) ready, up to and including, scheduling a photo shoot for the following week so that Matt and I could have the beautiful outdoor pictures that we wanted. Speaking of pictures, even though the weather didn’t cooperate, Kevin’s photography skills did!! We have the most beautiful outdoor pictures from that day, not even the weather could ruin them. I cannot wait to get them all back because they are truly meant for a bridal magazine! Once the ceremony was over, Kevin jumped into action as the DJ. He had the party going all night! The dance floor was packed and everyone was amazed by his energy and dance moves. His positive (and calming) attitude through out the whole wedding planning process, including the wedding day, was exactly what we needed. He was on top of his game the whole time, as was his amazing assistant, Kaye!! He was even taking care of problems and concerns that our wedding venue should’ve taken care of but didn’t. Kevin made our day amazing and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. If you look any further that Amazing DJ Music and Kevin, you’re making a mistake! If you even have one doubt in your mind, get in touch with us! We’ll set you straight!

There’s only one con to choosing Amazing DJ Music: You miss him terribly once the wedding is over and you no longer have to schedule meetings to discuss wedding plans.

Solution: You schedule happy hours because Kevin is awesome!

— Kristen Wyatt Matthew Wyatt
5 star

I don’t give many reviews, so me writing this should be the first indication of how impressed I was with Kevin and the job he did for my two close friends wedding this past weekend. If you or someone you know is getting married, you want this man involved. He’s the perfect amount of professionalism mixed with fun loving attitude that makes sure things get done, on time as well as right, while also minimizing the stress for everyone. We had a few curveballs during the wedding that could have been very stressful, but Kevin took it in stride and made sure everything went smoothly. The bride is typically a very organized and stressed person when it comes to things not going according to plan and ive never seen her so calm and happy. Seriously, hire him if you want the best wedding possible
— Evan Davis

Kevin recently captured some family photos for us- no small task for a family with a 1 year old and a 3 year old. We had a great time- he made sure the kids were engaged and having fun- not something that goes hand in hand with taking photos for my girls! We all had a great time, and my toddler still talks about her new friend Kevin. Not only was it a great afternoon, we now have some beautiful family photos- laughing, real smiles, baby kisses, sniffing flowers- sweet moments captured, no stiff unnatural posing. I can’t sing Kevin’s praises enough- and my toddler and baby loved him too, a huge plus! If you’re looking for a photographer with a great personality that will go with the flow and make you feel completely comfortable, and capture beautiful photos while having a great time, Kevin is your guy!!
— Amy Lamb
I have worked with Kevin multiple times. Each time I am happier than the time before. He has done photos for my teenage daughter, Unique photos for myself, capturing the celebration of my father in-law’s 90th birthday party and the last shoot he did was for my business. His talent is endless and I can always depend on him to see my vision and bring this our spectacular imagination to the shoot. I walk away every time excited about the outcome. I keep coming back for more!
— Danielle Datilio Rocco
Kevin Ouellette, owner / operator of “Amazing DJ Music” oversaw the wedding of my oldest daughter two weeks ago – wedding planner, photographer and DJ –– and we were all extremely satisfied with having him do so. As the mother of the Bride, I’d been ever so pleased when Meg & Matt had chosen Kevin, since we knew him well from having worked with him (i.e. him with us) two years ago for my youngest daughter’s wedding.
For that first wedding in 2014, we were all thrilled with what he had done and how well he had done it. He was clever, alert, instructional, personable, humorous, energetic and extremely easy to work with. His photography, at every twist and turn, proved to be appropriately stunning, beautiful, amusing, artistic and / or breathtaking. When not working directly from what the Bride and Groom had requested, his personal music selections were energetic, upbeat, smooth or mellow……all to meet the needs of the listening or dancing crowd. But let me tell you, Kevin not only brought back those same exemplary qualities for this year’s wedding for Meg and Matt, but somehow he outdid all of them, and then some!
In thinking about how to best describe Kevin and the work he does so well, I looked up the word he chose for his business: ‘AMAZING’ in DICTIONARY.COM to see if there were any other descriptive adjectives that would surmise him ‘in a nutshell’. Here is what I found as the definition, and let me just add, this undeniably describes Kevin to a “T”. “Amazing”, when used as a verb means “to overwhelm with surprise or sudden wonder; astonish greatly”. This, my friends, is Kevin. SURPRISE at how he never misses a beat, whether it be dealing with the chef in the kitchen to ensure perfect timing for the serving of the meal or SUDDEN WONDER at watching him skillfully manipulate the event attendees to participate in each phase of the wedding in unison, happily and with excitement. His gregarious approach GREATLY ASTONISHES even the most potentially negative attendee to want to shoulder up to him and willingly abide to his direction in order to feel and experience the emotion of the moment. And then when I searched for synonyms for the word AMAZING, well, I could go on and on with these descriptive words: “astound, dumfound, stun, flabbergast”. Yes, folks, Kevin does it all.
It’s like what folks have been heard to say: “when you look up the word AMAZING in the dictionary: you’ll find Kevin Ouellette’s beaming, smiling face.” Undoubtedly.
I guarantee you, that if there is EVER a reason in your life to hire a photographer, OR a DJ OR an event planner, OR all three, Kevin Ouellette should be your #1 “Go-to man”. Take my advice, based on my experiences: Do NOT hesitate. Don’t call around for what other people offer. Don’t try to compare – because, in my opinion, there just is NO comparison.
Anyway, like everything in life, the day comes to an end and you find time for reflection. But let me reiterate my point: once the event was over, looking back at having worked with Kevin and entrusted one of the most precious, incredibly emotional days of my life into his hands, I came away unhesitatingly knowing there is not a single person or company of people who could have pulled it off any better than Kevin Ouellette…the MOST Amazing DJ Music, Sound & Photography planner there is…
— Rita Smith

As a bride-to-be your number one emotion is excitement.

Your number two emotion? Stress.

At least that was according to every wedding magazine and website I ever visited during our 15 month engagement. However, every single time I saw that I wondered why. How could brides find their upcoming wedding day stressful or cause for anxiety? Why were they worried about people not showing up on time, dresses not fitting right, passing out on their wedding day from hunger or dehydration? What was so stressful about their day coming together perfectly?

Here’s why they all feel that way: THEY DIDN’T HAVE KEVIN!

My experience as a bride-to-be was literally the least stressful thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. From the minute we started working with Kevin I knew beyond a doubt that our wedding day was going to be exactly what we wanted because he was going to make sure that was how it all went down. I never had to worry about where people were going to be or if dinner would be late or what time Matt was going to be ready. Kevin helped us plan every single detail from the moment my feet hit the floor on the morning to the moment we drove away a married couple. Even in the weeks, days and hours leading up to May 15 I was able to stay completely calm because I knew Kevin had us covered! Not once did Matt have to deal with a freaking out bride over any detail because all I had to do was call Kevin and ask for some help. My friends, family and coworkers couldn’t believe how relaxed I was!

Kevin is truly amazing. He’s hilarious. He’s inspiring. He has such a unique eye for photos. Matt and I both were so happy every time we got to go see him for a meeting. From the first meeting to our engagement photos to the rehearsal dinner to the wedding day, Kevin never ceased to amazing us at his energy and passion for making our day perfect.

Beyond the photos and planning, Kevin also gave us the best gift we could have asked for on our wedding day. Since Kevin is able to legally do the wedding paperwork, that meant anyone could perform the ceremony! Thanks to this amazing feature, we were able to have one of the most important people in our lives marry us. It was wonderful to have Matt’s best friend stand up and talk about us in a personal and beautiful ceremony.

Thank you is not a strong enough phrase for how grateful I am to Kevin. Our day was beyond perfect. Our photos are fantastic. The dancing and partying was probably the best I’ve ever been to anywhere.

Kevin, you truly are the best. Thank you.
— Love, Mr. Matt Luke & Mrs. Meg Luke

I wanted to thank you and your crew for a fantastic time at Brian and Jill’s wedding this past weekend. The music was great, really good energy all around. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

Well done...
— Paul Muldoon (Father of the Groom)
My sister and I hired Kevin to take photos of my family as a Christmas present to my parents. From working with Kevin in the past for my senior portraits, I knew that our time with him was going to be a blast. His eye for amazing photographs is astounding and his use of humor to let our truest smiles show is always appreciated. He makes each person feel special during the photoshoot. Kevin’s innate ability to connect with us and show our personalities through his photography is the reason why he is always our top choice for a photographer!

— Lauriana Gaudet
”We kept telling people that you were our “everything guy”.

I know it’s been almost a month (wow!) overdue, but just wanted to make sure you knew how wonderful you made Ricky and I’s day. So... THANK YOU KEVIN!! From our first meeting to our last moments with you at the reception, you always made me feel calm and excited. Whenever I began to stress about somethin insignificant or wonder about a choice I had to make, you were there to offer your input and make me laugh everytime. I know you (and we) had to put up with a lot of voices and opinions and questions the day of the wedding and I can’t tell you how incredibly grateful I was to have you there because I knew that you would make it happen and keep me sane.
— Sara & Rick Phillips

”We will definitely hire him againnext year”

Kevinmade our company party a big hit for a second year in a row!!! We will definitely hire him again next year! He has a great ability to play music that reaches all ages, and he creates an amazing party!!! Thank you Kevin!
— Colette Lafreniere Dunfee, Maine Medical Center



"His energy and clear direction makes the shoot fun and easy"

If you've ever had hesitation to get your photos done for whatever reason- Kevin is the guy to ease your worries. His positive energy and clear direction makes the shoot fun and easy. I rarely like photos of myself and I was shocked as Kevin shared photos with me that made me feel good and confident. I would highly recommend Kevin for any of your photography needs. He rocks!

Emily Compson




"I'm truly appreciative and can't thank you enough and your services were a steal"

I never really had time to sit down and write you a thank you after the wedding. I haven't seen all of the wedding photos but what I have seen they are amazing. Alisha couldn't be happier with the photos and the way the wedding went. And for that I am truly grateful and can't fully express thanks. I could go on talking about the energy you brought to the wedding or the relief you brought to Alisha with the organizing and planning. Everything went great and even unforeseen hiccups couldn't interrupt. Thank you very much for everything. I wasn't sure about the decision at first (mainly cost based) but after the wedding and seeing the product and passion you bring to go along with the happiness of my wife I honestly feel like we didn't pay enough and your services were a steal. I'm truly appreciative and can't thank you enough.  You were by far the right choice.


Daniel Salisbury



"Will definitely recommend him to my friends as well"

Kevin is a extremely talented photographer. I'm really glad that I got my pictures done by him and will definitely recommend him to my friends as well. Thank you so much for the amazing photos!


Naomi Fairbrother



"The photos are amazing and I would highly recommend him"

We had Kevin Ouellette do our Wedding planning and photography.I was truly amazed as to how he had took charged and gave us such huge relief so we could sit back and relax and enjoy our special day. He knew exactly what to do to keep the little children occupied till it was time to walk down the aisle.He was such a huge hit when he was taking pictures and he was dancing with everyone to get them in the grove to be photographed. The photos are amazing and I would highly recommend him.We can't thank him enough for making this our most amazing and memorable day of our life.Thank you Kevin ♡♡♡

Joanne Libby



"While taking pictures he was still out on the dance floor busting a move. I've never seen a more energetic photographer"

Amazing crew! The photographer I believe his name is Kevin, did an awesome job. He is great with kids! Great with speaking and best of all he gets involved. While taking pictures he was still out on the dance floor busting a move! I've never seen a more energetic photographer!! Highly highly suggest them!


Nicole Speed



"Kevin's high energy and humor makes him awesome with kids of all ages"

I recently had a photo shoot with Kevin for my three daughters ages 1, 3 and 8. Kevin was very patient waiting for my shy 12-month old to warm up to him. He managed to capture a lot of smiles from her and kept my older girls laughing and engaged. Kevin’s high energy and humor makes him awesome with kids of all ages. I have done pictures with Kevin’s several times over the past few years and he never ceases to amaze!


Rachel Sawyer



"Kevin and his assistant are INCREDIBLE and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"

Being the mother of the bride is very stressful BUT because Kevin had everything under control, including the entire wedding party (MOB included), it was a relaxing day. We all knew what had to be done with his guidance every half hour. Kevin and his assistant are INCREDIBLE and HIGHLY RECOMMEND them!!!!!! Thank you, Kevin !!!!


Diane Cook Nadeau



"The energy at our wedding was sky high, the dance floor was packed 100% "

If you've met Kevin, it's no surprise that he was the absolute BEST choice for our DJ, photographer, photo booth, and wedding coordinator package. It seems crazy to think that one man can successfully do this 4-in-1 package but between Kevin and his assistant, they exceeded our expectations in all areas! We had many people come up to us and ask where we found him so they could refer him for their family members. The energy at our wedding was sky high, the dance floor was packed 100% of the reception after dinner, and Kevin was so attentive in the planning process that the wedding morning itself was completely stress free and relaxed due to all the planning we did. My husband and I live in boston and Kevin was still able to help me with coordinating all the details via phone to ensure no stone went unturned. I will recommend Amazing DJ to everyone with the highest regard. Thank you Kevin for making our day the absolute best it could've been!


Katie McAuliffe



"Amazing is an understatement"


Amazing is an understatement!! Kevin and his crew rocked, endless energy!! Loved every minute .


Gayle Learned Bean



"He tailored my friend's wedding to exactly what she wanted"

I don't usually "like" but I can add "love" to Kevin. He was recommended by the 4 Diamond Resort - Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth. The wedding was not at that resort but I can see why they recommended him. He tailored my friends wedding to exactly what she wanted. Every detail was attended to. He gave as much or as little attention as was required. The whole event was - seamless. Every detail attended to and anticipated. That is just about the highest praise I can think to give. Each photo can win an award and every song at the wedding was hand picked for the wedding party and guests. Kevin - You are an artist - motivator - detailer. It was a pleasure to watch you work your magic. Thank-you Laurie Simard Inness for recommending him. I am giving him 4 Diamonds and 4 Stars.


Maureen McQuade‎



"You get an experience...Every shot tells a story...

When you work with Kevin, you do not just get photographs… you get an experience… every shot tells a story… he finds a way to capture YOU.. the essence of your personality. So talented, patient, and sincere.


Heather Caponi



"He was so patient with my newborn waiting for him to go to sleep so we could get the right picture"

Kevin is an amazing photographer who works his magic to capture the perfect shot. He was so patient with my newborn waiting for him to go to sleep so we could get the right picture all while playing with my two year old who still talks about his "a, b, c, applesauce" that he used to get her true smile. Kevin made us all feel very comfortable in front of the camera ensuring to get us from the right angle every time. I highly recommend Kevin to any and all families looking to get pictures done as he will be sure to get photos that are works of art.


Michelle Adam




"From day one he had a plan"


I wish I knew where to begin when describing my experiences with Kevin.  It may sound silly, but Kevin was one of the first people I told when I got engaged, and honestly I’m so glad I went to him so early!  From day one he had a plan, which was amazing because lord knows I didn’t have a clue where to begin planning a wedding.  He helped us from picking a day and time for the best light, to where to begin when speaking with other vendors.  As the months went by he helped focus the planning process, and ultimately helped us pick out what would end up being the ambiance for our wedding; all the while making the process seem effortless! (Which in itself is a feat, if you knew how indecisive we are!)  He's funny and cheerful, but he's there to get the job done and he does it well. He has no problem instructing a room full of half-clothed (and frenzied) women to get a move on to keep your day moving smoothly and on time. When it comes to Kevin-the-photographer, the most ridiculous moments of the day end up as beautiful and amazing photos.  He is magic with that camera! He captures moments both posed and candid, and half the time you don't even know he's there. (Side note: if you plans allow – get the PhotoBooth, I promise the memories from that alone are worth it!)  As for the DJ part.... If Kevin can't get people up and dancing, no one can. He turned a group of non-dancers into a dance party.  He kept the atmosphere up, and everyone at some-point or another joined him on the dance floor to “boogie” smile emoticon  The day (our day) was flawless, and moved without a hitch all thanks to his help and expertise. One of the best things I did for my wedding was giving Kevin the reins, and following his lead.


As a person who has massive self-image issues, Kevin was not only patient with me, but he (and his work) made me feel like I was capable of being more than what I saw in my head.  From the first time I worked with him, he made me see that I was far more than the image I had of myself.  That feeling is priceless.  His patience and kindness goes beyond any other experience I’ve ever had.  Saying “thank you” doesn’t begin to cover the gratitude I feel for the experiences I’ve had with you.  Thank you Kevin.


Zoe Schnelle




"Hope you will be there on my big whenever that may be"

 I have to say that Alisha was very lucky to have you apart of her wedding. I was blown away by how you juggle the planning, music, and photography. I know that her wedding would not have gone as smoothly as it did had you not been there every step of the way. I could see while taking pictures with the Bride that you made her feel at ease and knew how to make sure she was stress free. I am a planner myself, but I know I would need someone there like you to help, and hope you will be there on my big day whenever that may be!! Oh, you have some great dance moves....everybody loved it!! She was lucky to have met someone to make her day even more special! Thank you!

Kelly Main



"Best wedding I've ever been to"

 I can say Kevin Ouellette is amazing! He did Jessica Blum Henegar and Devon Henegar's wedding last April. Best wedding I've ever been to. He radiates energy and fun so everyone has a great time. I want Kevin to find me a fiancée for a day just so I can hire him to do the wedding and pictures and music!


Cindy Babcoc



"Our friends and family still talk about how our wedding was the best wedding/party that have been to"


You were the DJ at our wedding in November, 2013 and we were recently talking about what an amazing job you did. Our friends and family still talk about how our wedding was the best wedding/party they have been to, and we owe a huge amount of that to you. Just wanted to say thank you, again, for all you did to make that day so great for us and for our guests!!




Margaret O'Shea



"He's the full package" 

Are you looking for a photographer or DJ? We work with Kevin frequently when we travel to Bethel to do weddings. He's not just a photographer, he's a wedding planner! He makes our job so much easier by having every detail organized. His work is absolutely stunning. He is so creative and has a great eye for photography. His personality is wonderful, he will make your wedding or any event so much more fun! He's the full package! Can't wait to see you more this wedding season!


Melissa Toher Oldha



"Thanks to you I felt not one moment of stress on our wedding day"

Words couldn't do justice to how thankful I am to have had you there for me throughout the whole wedding planning process and on our wedding day. You went above and beyond and made me feel at ease every time I felt panicky. I couldn't imagine my day without you...I'm certain it wouldn't have been nearly as wonderful without you. Thanks to you I felt not one moment of stress on our wedding day! I don't know many brides who can say that. Thank you for everything!! You truly are amazing.


Alisha Salisbur



"He helped create memories for a lifetime"

I've had the pleasure of knowing Kevin for years. I've always been a fan of his work but have never actually seen him in action. My friend was lucky enough to have him photograph her wedding, let me tell you he was AMAZING! He was so patient, kind and HILARIOUS! He had everyone laughing the whole time. He helped create memories to last a life time!!!! THANK YOU KEVIN!!!


Marney Yanuszewsk



"He was the best I've ever seen"

This man is amazing! Kevin did my daughter's wedding and he was the best I have ever seen. Would recommend him to anyone.


Ann Martin



"One decision I would make over and over is to hire Kevin"

Lord knows I can be a very indecisive gal, but one decision I would make over and over is to hire Kevin Ouellette for our wedding - the man is a fricken SAVIOR!!


Anna Spitzinge



"We were so excited that he was the WHOLE package"


I had witnessed Kevin's outstanding work at a wedding a while back and was in awe at how he not only made the wedding party feel like superstars, but he had a way with connecting with the entire company and really getting the party started - and keeping it going! We HAD to book him for our wedding, how could we not after our amazing experience?

Our wedding was just a couple of months ago, but from the second we booked Kevin almost a year ago, he got to work right away. We were so excited that he was the WHOLE package - engagement photos, wedding planner, wedding photographer, DJ, AND photo booth - are you kidding me?! It's rare to find someone who can not only handle all of these tasks, but do them with full heart and effort. Initially, you may think, "Wow, how can one person do all of that?" You'll have to book Kevin to find out! 

We received our wedding photos just recently (super impressed with how quickly we got them back), and through every single click, my smile got bigger and bigger! Kevin managed to capture every single special moment - we had snow on our wedding day, and one of my big requests was for Kev to please capture the snow fall. He not only captured the snow fall, but every special moment in between! He had our crowd dancing - with him! - and was efficient with timing on everything. 

All in all, I couldn't be happier that we were lucky enough to have Kevin share in our once in a lifetime experience - and I'd recommend him to anyone in a heart beat!

Thanks for everything, Kev XOXO


A VERY satisfied bride


Aly Howe



"He made it so fun I almost forgot the camera was on me"

I just had the most awesome photo shoot (I know, those words don't usually go together) with Kevin Ouellette. Needed a new professional pic. Wow! He made it so fun I almost forgot the camera was on me. Highly recommend. He does professional, wedding, family - you name it. Check him out under Amazing DJ & Photography.

Heather Chandler



I look forward to working with Kevin again in the future"

My family and I had an amazing experience working with Kevin for our photo shoot! He was so down to earth, full of energy and excitement, and so easy to get along with. He was the perfect photographer for our teenage daughter as well - making her feel comfortable, engaging with her on her level, and getting her to open up and be expressive. Kevin is passionate and excited about what he does and it shows in his work. The results of our time with him are some breath taking photos of our teenage daughter, our newborn son, and some family photos that we will be able to enjoy for a long time. Through his personality and his amazing vision he was able to capture some really phenomenal moments. I look forward to working with Kevin again in the future and would recommend any of my friends and family to use his services. He has an amazing gift and talent! Thanks Kevin!


Jason Clifford



"Best photography experience ever"

We got our newborn session as a gift. WHAT A GIFT. Best photography experience ever. 


Amber Marti



"He'll be taking our newborn pictures as well, I can't wait"

Kevin took my maternity pictures and I was so nervous! He did a family photo shoot with my parents and all of my siblings last summer and it was great but I wasn't sure what to expect when I had to be in the spotlight. I worried for absolutely no reason, he made my boyfriend and I feel very comfortable and I left feeling wonderful! He'll be taking our newborn pictures as well, I can't wait!


Ashley Manchester



"He has such a innate ability to capture such unique, simple, yet complex photos"

My daughter needed pictures to put together her first portfolio. We arrived to meet Kevin and immediately felt at ease with his down to earth nature and wonderful sense of humor. Smiling came very easy and any anxiety my daughter had about having her pictures taken for the first time was alleviated! To say that Kevin is "talented" would be a compete understatement. He has an innate ability to capture such unique, simple yet complex photos that not only are beautiful to the eye but evoke emotion that transcends words and time. You are simply outstanding! Thank you Kevin for all your hard work and for making the experience for Bella one that she will remember for a lifetime!!!! I am grateful to you beyond measure!

Kate Robinson




"I am so excited and happy that I picked the perfect photographer"

Today I got to work with Kevin on a photoshoot in order to build my portfolio for college in NYC this fall. I was so incredibly impressed with Kevin's fantastic, unique ideas for different shots. He has a brilliant eye for photography and I enjoyed every minute of working with him. The whole process was easy and Kevin himself is hilarious! I was laughing the entire shoot. I am so excited and happy that I picked the perfect photographer. Most definitely recommend!!! smile emoticon
Bella Robinson



"He organizes and plans each step with the bride and groom that everything is perfect"

Wow! At first I thought that he just possibly couldn't do everything, but he does!!! He has such energy throughout the entire day that I have no idea how he does it!!! He organizes and plans each step with the bride and groom that everything is perfect. Kevin, I can't thank you enough for making Jess and Dev's day perfect.


Cindy Babcoc



"He knew how to draw everyone onto the dance floor"


Wow Cassandra! I started reading the review and did not pay attention to who had written it and was thinking the whole time...that sounds like my daughter's wedding! Your words described Kevin Ouellette and his team perfectly! I remember seeing the tackle box of goodies in the bridal party's dressing room and of the girl's were very smart to have all those important items in one place! I didn't realize it was Kevin! Kevin thought of everything and made my day as your mother (mother of the bride) less stressful! It was the most perfect day knowing Kevin had every minute under control and all I had to do was worry about getting myself dressed for the big event! Once the reception started, I spent more time dancing than anything! He played just the right songs! He knew how to draw everyone onto the dance floor. He was even able to get my two sisters who were standing in the corner onto the dance floor! They hadn't danced in years! They messaged me and told me they hadn't had that much fun at a wedding before! As far as the pictures go...priceless! It has only been 5 days since the wedding and Kevin has shared some beautiful pictures that belong in or on a bridal magazine cover! I know he had a stunning bride to start with (you, my daughter) and a beautiful bridal party but he knew the right settings to take the photographs! I look forward to waking up every morning just to turn on my computer to see what photograph he has shared with us next! AMAZING package for the price with a Wedding Planner/Photographers/D.J. all in one (TEAM) made the communication easier throughout the whole process! Loved every minute of February 28, 2015! Mother of the Bride ( Maureen Burchill Coope)





"Wedding day was absolute perfection and Kevin was the most essential person for its success"

EVERYONE! Kevin is pure genius. Our wedding day was absolute perfection and Kevin was the most essential person for its success.


I called Kevin a few months after getting engaged for a couple of reasons: 1) I saw pictures of him jumping behind his DJ table, sweat rolling down his face and knew I needed him to lead my reception dance party and 2) his photographs were all of people in their truest form; laughing, in love, or innocent and I could tell that he made his subjects feel like a million bucks. From our first phone call, Kevin displayed to my husband and I that he loves what he does and boy, does it show in his work! After our first meeting, we immediately booked him as our photographer, DJ, and wedding coordinator. Bonus, he comes with a photo booth (a HUGE hit at our wedding)! I loved the idea of having everything in one place! We had a blast driving around Portland with him taking engagement photos wherever the mood felt right. Our engagement photos were a hit and reassured me that we made the right decision by booking him as our wedding photographer. From then on, Kevin met with us multiple times to be sure that every second of our wedding day was well planned. 


When he showed up at the venue the morning of, you could feel the sense of ease that filled the room simply by him taking the reins. I never once had to worry about what was happening next or if everyone was in their place – Kevin had it completely under control. He even came with a tool box of bobby pins, duct tape, and Altoids that he KNEW we were going to forget. We took amazing photographs and had a blast experimenting with different backdrops (because we had planned enough time to be able to!). 


Kevin led my husband and me through every step of our wedding. Pointing us in the correct direction and giving us tips/tricks that we relied on throughout the day. When it was time for the reception, Kevin IMMEDIATELY got the party started. There was never a lull in the party – everyone followed his lead and danced all night! The sweaty pictures that lured me in were exactly what we saw throughout the entire night. Multiple people told me how awesome it was that our DJ was having such a blast! Everyone wants to book him for their big day now, too! 


So, to conclude this book – Kevin is worth every penny for his impeccable services. There is no one who comes even remotely close to providing the type of package and quality that him & his team does. He is simply AMAZING 

Cassie Forcie




"In a wedding party that ranged in age from 15 to 85, Kevin managed to find tunes that got everybody up and dancing and kept the energy level high"

Sooo…..your thinking of working with Kevin Ouellette for your wedding – don’t do it UNLESS you are ready to PARTY.

Get plenty of rest before Kevin takes over because you are in for the time of your life.

Kevin will photograph you as you’ve never been pictured before, he will organize your day down to the last minute (be sure to buy him a frosty on the way to the church).  And he will be there to direct every aspect except the actual vows (I have no doubt he’d do that too if the priest would let him).

You will dance and sing and laugh and maybe cry for joy before your day is over.  

We are a senior couple (both in our 60s) who dared to have a wedding on Valentine’s Day in Portland, Maine when the weather forecast was for 18” of snow with temperatures near zero.  No problem. Kevin made it happen.  The only unhappy guests are those few who chickened out in the face of the storm and stayed home.

Our friends loved the energy and the fun Kevin brought to the party (along with Elvis) and we have the most beautiful photographs to remember this day.   In a wedding party that ranged in age from 15 to 85, Kevin managed to find tunes that got everybody up and dancing and kept the energy level high. Our friends and relatives are still chuckling when they tell us what a great time they had.  It is a party and a wedding that we will never forget.

Bruce Blaisdel and McPhee Ann





"During my first meeting, all my worries were gone"

Kevin is amazing to work with and extremely inviting! Planning my wedding has always been something I have been excited for but also very overwhelming! I have always been scared I was going to forget something, not have enough time for everything or just be late and stressed all day!! During our first meeting, all of my worries are gone! Kevin made me think of things I didn't even think of and broke down our whole day to make it a stress free day. The fun has just begun! If you want a stress free, fun wedding planning experience, Kevin is your guy!

Brittany Roma




"We didn't just hire a D.J., Photographer and a wedding planner... you guys were the hit of the party!"

Thank you guys for making our daughter and son in law's wedding a success Saturday! We didn't just hire a D.J., Photographers and a wedding guys were the hit of the party! The guests were so happy that you danced with them, played their requests and picked great music to dance too! Bruce and I had no problem dancing the whole night knowing you were in charge! Thank you! We give you an A+++!

Maureen Burchill Cooper





"Is there nothing he can't do?"

Is there nothing he can't do? Friendly, fun, and inviting. He had 100-150 kids eating out of the palm of his hand, and their parents marveling in awe. He read his amazing book then became the amazing DJ. Our school wants to book him for every event we have in the future.

Dyan Albano



" We are thrilled with the pictures and so impressed by Kevin's artistic ability"

Kevin recently took our family photos and I can't say enough positive things about him. Kevin has the ability to make everyone feel comfortable instantly, including our 2-year-old who can be difficult around new people. This translated into some amazing photos where our son has huge smiles and his true personality really shines. We are thrilled with the pictures and so impressed by Kevin's creativity and artistic ability. He is so much fun to have around and brings such positive energy. He even helped us clean our couch when our son decided to use it as a coloring book. Thank you so much Kevin, we appreciate it more than we can express.

Rachel Beaver



"My wedding day and everyday leading up to it, would not have been possible without Amazing DJ Music"

I must say that my wedding day and everyday leading up to it, would not have been possible without Kevin Ouellette Amazing DJ Music (Sound and Photography). The first day I met him at the Portland Bridal Show I knew he was "the one". He is enthusiastic, cares about your wedding and WANTS TO MAKE YOU HAPPY. Every meeting we had to discuss the big day showed my husband and I that he knew what he was doing. I have to admit that our only apprehension was the cost but after some research and of course the day of, we were shown that he is worth way more! He does everything and I mean EVERYTHING. He is your DJ, Photographer, Photo Booth, Wedding Planner and Friend. He had our wedding day organized down to the minute. He knew things I never would have thought of and that knowledge made our wedding day a DREAM. He is ready for everything and expects the unexpected. He even knows how to handle you when you have a "Bridezilla" moment. I can't say enough about his photography so I'll let his work speak for itself. We are beyond satisfied with our photos. I cannot say enough about him and everything he represents. To all future brides, he is the all in one package. Do not stress out looking for an array of different vendors. He does it all and will save you time, money and most importantly, your sanity. Thank you Kevin!!!

Orrin Palme and Veronica Palme



" I can't explain how much these photos mean to me"

Kevin, you are truly one of the kindest and most generous people I know! From the minute we found out we were pregnant to finishing Grayson's first year you have been there to document it all for us. I can't explain how much all these photos mean to me. They are our most precious moments capture forever by you. They are all so beautiful, honest and fun. We can't thank you enough for this gift. They are our memories. We will forever be able to look back on or memories and see them come to life because you captured them perfectly. Truly, thank you for everything!


Amber Lynn Nutting




"Kevin really "made" our wedding day"

"if you need someone for your wedding, I can't say enough good things. It's not a splurge, it's a necessity! Kevin really "made" our wedding day."

Crys Bruschi



"Kevin really has an artistic eye & true talent."

Kevin... Thank you. Thank you. We can't say it enough! Not only were you an AMAZING, organized, energizing DJ/photographer/force of nature at our wedding, our pictures are priceless. Kevin really has an artistic eye & true talent. We just love our photos, and we love the fact that we have (and can share) all of them. Thank you do much for helping to make our wedding day perfect. To anyone looking for a recommendation for a DJ/photographer, message me. I'll tell you all the reasons Kevin is your guy.
Stephanie Green Albert Eben Albert



"I highly recommend Kevin and his team to anyone who is getting married -- you will not be disappointed!

 Let me start by saying that for about two years I worked as a per diem banquet and event server, so I have been witness to many beautiful weddings. Once I got engaged I started to take notes on the things I saw that I liked and disliked. One wedding in particular, I noticed this crazy DJ! He was jumping and dancing to the music like nothing I'd ever seen before! I watched this go on for hours, from start to finish during dancing at the reception. I knew that night that I absolutely HAD to have him DJ for our wedding! As soon as I got home from work that night, I told my fiance all about him. We called Kevin up later that week. I found out that not only did he DJ, but he did photography too! Kevin was the only DJ and the only photographer we spoke with, and we hired him right away. We have never regretted that decision. From all of the planning we did with him, right up to the very wedding day, Kevin was our saving grace. He made the journey a smooth one, and helped us to enjoy the ride! Without him, I can't imagine how much hair I'd be missing from all of the stress. On the wedding day, he met the wedding party and the parents and had them laughing within minutes of greeting them. We did have a few small mishaps during the day (as all weddings do) but Kevin was always right on it, fixing anything that went wrong without me having to lift a finger. His assistant was also with him that day, and she did a wonderful job working with my husband and his groomsmen. When the reception finally came and the music got started, no one could stop talking about how crazy awesome our DJ was! Throughout the day, Kevin also kept showing me sneak peaks on his camera of the photos he had taken. Even without editing, they were stunning. We have seen a few posted since the big day, and many relatives have told us how our wedding photos look like they could be in a magazine. I completely agree! My new husband and I both discussed the day after the wedding how Kevin was probably the best investment we ever made. Amazing DJ Music Sound and Photography is absolutely the best of the best! I highly recommend Kevin and his team to anyone who is getting married -- you will not be disappointed!


Leah Pottle



"You have the perfect name, Amazing DJ!"

I just cannot sing the praises of Kevin enough... I kept thinking the whole time we were working together, that you have the perfect name, Amazing DJ! I know I am not a perfect woman in appearance... I am not young anymore... I am not beautiful... and I REALLY am not photogenic! However, with that being said, I LOVE the photos that you have taken of us. I had already gotten the speech about pictures (I HATE having my pictures taken, because, well, I am never happy with the outside) and how can you be a beautiful bride without a smile..... I decided to suck it up and not disappoint my soon to be husband, who is NOW my husband and try to be happy that my pics were being taken. As I have already stated, I missed the window of opportunity many years ago... and just never felt that I deserved anything even remotely close to the wedding that I was given. Kevin, Paul and I both feel that because of WHO you are and WHAT you do, you have given to us the most beautiful day that neither of us could ever imagine! I am feeling very emotional still... and am hard pressed to put our gratitude into the largest words possible... I KNOW you probably hear this all the time, you HAVE to.... No one can be that talented and not hear the cries of appreciation for your caring, your professionalism and finally your gift, which is so many talents wrapped into one extremely fine human being! Paul and I still cannot stop talking about how smooth and easy you made our day. In fact, when we stopped in at The Governors Inn Hotel & Restaurant, to pick up our things the next day, even the Wedding Planner was so impressed with what you had done in regard to the planning, she was blown away! I truly have been blessed... The Venue was just plain awesome. The photographer, who was you... took some pictures that I have to say, I really like! (THAT shocks ME!) But Kevin... dear sweet Kevin.... You are a performer, indeed! You kept us moving... and partying... and that's all I hoped for! I could have just sat and watched YOU the whole time. Kevin, ALL of our guests commented on the wonderful time they had.... even the old folks! EVERYONE LOVED THE DJ!!!! I have been to a few weddings in the past and I have to say that the DJ can make or BREAK a wedding! YOU Kevin, have figured out a formula that works... I do believe that every bride that has had you at their wedding, is in love with you! You truly are an AMAZING person! One last thing... My children, who have not been together in probably 30 years, came together for this event. If I had a stick in the mud DJ, it would not have gone over well at all. Kevin you got my children UP and dancing... and laughing.... you have NO idea what that has meant to me! You truly are an amazing young man... I will NEVER forget you and never stop talking about you!!! xoxoxo Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! Oh and one more thing... lol! The Officiate, the Governor's Inn, My Make up Artist and Hair Designer all want to stay connected to you to recommend you to others because you were and are, so AMAZING!!!!


 I didn't mean to omit Miss Meghan... I again was blessed by having her there... and the attentiveness she showed to so many details! I KNOW she is your right arm Kevin... and because of her, you were able to do the job that you did so well. Sometimes the "behind the scenes" people don't get recognized....I want to give credit where credit is due here... so again Meghan, a HUGE thank you!!!


Dee Joyce



Besides the fact that he's an awesome photographer, he's got a heart of gold.


Alyssa M. Brochu



"You truly are AMAZING."

Dearest Kevin, 

You truly are AMAZING. From the second you walked into the door while my mother and I were getting ready I knew I liked you. You have a radiant personality that exudes fun and patience. You mapped out a strict agenda for the day to make everything so easy for my mother on her wedding day. You took some lovely pictures and played some great music while keeping the crowd delighted and happy. You even managed to make her look like a giddy little girl in some of the pictures which chokes me up every time I see them. Thank you SO MUCH for giving her the special day that she has always deserved and had not gotten till now. 

Liza Cook & Dee Joyce



"One of the best weddings!"

Yesterday I was married to the love of my life!! I had so many people tell me it was one of the best weddings they've ever attended----A LOT of the credit goes to Kevin Ouellette because he took control and made the day easy for me and my bride---his energy and photographers eye and enthusiasm as DJ were a huge part of making the day one of the most memorable and pleasing memories I'll keep !!!


Paul Jenkins



 "All I can say is, FUN FUN FUN!!!"

As a guest at one of the weddings just completed by Amazing DJ Music all I can say is, FUN FUN FUN... had a blast and the photos online are just great. I loved that we could see uploaded photos immediately on a table too! Lots of energy and good times. Again, as a guest, I couldn't have been happier!


Jenn Green



"I would have Kevin back in a minute!"

It was a beautiful September day with the oven ready to begin making delicious pizzas outside in our backyard for LOTS of people. But that was not the hit of the day. We had Kevin and his “Amazing DJ Music” on hand. The group that attended ranged in age from 16-80 and ALL welcomed Kevin’s music and his magnificent ability to handle the crowd with tunes enjoyed by all. They ALL loved him! He was a spark of personality added to a day of fun adventure, knowing just how to handle a crowd of people and get them involved in his music. Then there was the photo booth he provided, for all to dress in funny hats and glasses to capture colored pictures that the guests got to take home as a remembrance of the day’s happenings. I would have Kevin back in a minute! He drove to Rockport from Portland and led an afternoon of "simply outstanding” and for that I THANK YOU, Kevin! If anyone wants a smashing party or event, Kevin will certainly provide you with it. 

Barb Bausch



 "He is magic with that camera!"

 I was fortunate enough to work with Kevin and his team at my best friend's wedding and my only regret is that I didn't find him for my own wedding sooner! He's funny and good natured, but he's there to get the job done and done well. He's not afraid to instruct a room full of half-dressed women to get a move on if it means he gets the most beautiful photos. Not an easy task, I assure you. He is magic with that camera! He can capture moments both posed and candid and there are times you don't even know he's there. As for the DJ part.... Holy Hannah! Let's just say if Kevin can't get people up and moving, no one can. Boy-o's got moves. I'm just sayin'. I definitely plan on using him in the future. My fiancé and I didn't have engagement photos done, but we might now that I've met Kevin. He's absolutely worth it!!!



"From day one Kevin was great!"

 Kevin and his team truly live up their name! They are amazing in EVERY single way. We had originally discovered Kevin at a family anniversary party and knew immediately that we wanted him to DJ and photograph our wedding. We had Kevin take our engagement photos also. Honestly it was one of the more fun days we have had in a long while and the photos came out breathtaking! We have a few printed and hung in our living room and constantly receive compliments on them. From day one Kevin was great. He talks you through your day from wake up to the end of the party. And everything is flawless! 

Kevin arrived at the country club where our wedding was at 9 am, we weren't getting married until 4 pm. He took some great pictures of my bridesmaids and I getting ready. He was party of the party! He was hanging out, cracking jokes... All the while doing his job of getting great shots and keeping the bride calm. Our ceremony was again flawless. There was not one single hiccup. The photos that Kevin was able to get were incredible! He has such great creative vision that he can see a cluster of trees or stone wall and know exactly how he wants to pose you to get the perfect shot. The dance portion of our wedding was fantastic!!! Kevin had everyone on the dance floor for the entire night. My husband and I have received so many compliments on our DJ and requests both from our guests and members of the country club for his information for events of their own. We will absolutely use Kevin and his amazing team again in the future!!!!

Jennifer Ouellette




"There is no one like Kevin on earth!"

Where do we begin to express how we feel about Kevin? Sensitive and caring, full of joy and laughter, attune to every detail of our wedding....calming, loving, exciting, a hell of a fantastic DJ and dancer and photographer extraordinaire.....are just a few ways to describe him. There is no one like Kevin on earth. He has come to this planet to spread immense joy to others through his art....the art of photography, the art of music...the art of enveloping all who meet him with a love of life that goes beyond description. We are so incredibly blessed that we met Kevin who has given us a lifetime of memories through the expression of his art. We keep playing our wedding day over and over in our minds and Kevin made these wonderful memories happen for us. Kudos and much love to you Kevin Ouellette. We are deeply touched by what you have given us and are honored that you shared your gifts of love, art and passion with us on our very special day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Namaste!


Victoria Kundishora




"He has an amazing eye for detail, and his personality is wonderful!!"

This morning myself and my coworker did hair and makeup for a wedding party that Kevin is working with. I can't even begin to tell you how astonished we both were with Kevin! We want every bride to work with him!! He is absolutely wonderful, a joy to work with, fabulous with the kids... I could go on! He has an amazing eye for detail, and his personality is wonderful!! I highly recommend him- he KNOWS what he's doing!!!


Laura Nelson




"You're the best!"

Both of my girls had their senior pictures done by Kevin.We had such an amazing experience both times,and the pictures are perfect,Just what I as looking for.We made a 4.5 hour journey and decided we would have drove further Thanks again Kevin! 

Anna Fletcher



"His energy made the shoot feel more like a play date!"

We have been looking forward to a family photo shoot with Kevin for a long time, and Sunday afternoon we finally had our opportunity. We've enjoyed Kevin's amazing DJ and photography skills at a variety of events and knew that if anyone was up for the challenge of capturing the spirit of our large family, it was him! As the mom of 6 wonderful children, I was most concerned with being able to capture the spark in each of them as individuals, while still being able to feel the energy of our family as a whole. I've only seen a few of the finished photos so far, but I can already see that Kevin exceeded my hopes, and gave us exactly what we were looking for. His energy made the shoot feel more like a play date and all the kids loved every minute. We were talking about when we could do another family photo with Kevin before we had even left the parking lot!

We can't thank you enough for such a wonderful experience and making it so easy. We look forward to a long list of future opportunities to work with you! We are blessed to count you as a friend.


The Doyon's 

Sandie Doyon




My husband and I booked Kevin as our DJ after only speaking on the phone with him once. In fact, Adam walked in the door from work while I was on the phone with Kevin for the first time, and he thought I was on the phone with one of my best friends because I was laughing and smiling so much! It didn't take long to realize how much positive energy and true passion he has for his career. We live a few hours away from Kevin, so all of our interactions were through e-mail and the phone. He was attentive and so helpful. Plus, it never felt like work while we were planning - it was always fun to chat with him! People thought I was crazy for not meeting my DJ in person before the wedding, but I had such faith and confidence in Kevin from day one that I knew he would be great!

The day of our wedding, when Kevin and I met, it was like I was meeting a long lost friend. We even had our own little meet and greet photo session, which was AWESOME and hilarious! From start to finish, he made our wedding absolutely perfect. He took our offbeat music ideas, tweaked them appropriately, and turned them into a perfect reality. And let me just say... our reception was SO MUCH FUN!!! Everybody, even the non-dancers, were out dancing from start to finish! We did not have a "do play" or "do not play" list - we completely trusted Kevin and I am so glad we did. His song selections were absolutely perfect!! Kevin's upbeat energy and amazingly awesome dance moves added so much fun!! Everybody was so happy!!! In fact, my maid of honor took his card and is in the process of booking him for her own wedding (yay!). Also, a friend of a friend on Facebook saw an amateur iPhone video posted, and asked my friend to find out from me who that DJ was because the reception looked like so much fun and she wanted to look into booking him. People are STILL telling me that it was one of, if not the best, weddings they have ever attended. I know a big part of this is because of Kevin and the fun he brought to our reception!

One of the sweetest things Kevin did was play live acoustic guitar for our ceremony. This was not the original plan whatsoever, but when we could not find a perfect, or even close to perfect, version of my dream processional song, he offered to learn to play it on guitar and play it live, which is something he typically doesn't do. Keep in mind, this was a week before our wedding. He played it beautifully. The fact that he was willing to go above and beyond for us, without thinking twice, shows what kind of guy he is. if you are thinking about possibly hiring Kevin as your DJ - trust me, just do it!! You will not be disappointed!!! We LOVE Kevin and so will you!!

Kristen Cahill



"Amazing is perfect descriptor for how this DJ will make you dance and feel!"

What can we say about Kevin and the energy he brings to a celebration? Amazing is perfect descriptor for how this DJ will make you dance and feel. He makes it seem effortless but the details he puts into the planning ensure that not a beat is missed. He communicates openly, directly, honestly and reviews the details of your day over and over, which produces an end result that calms your nerves and allows you a clear and focused timeline of the days events. Our guests were so impressed with Kevin that one friend offered him double his going rate on the spot to DJ for her sisters upcoming wedding. No small offer from the maid of honor! Finally, when there was a small communication breakdown with the caterer, Kevin already wearing multiple hats, swooped in and took care of everything in a smooth fashion. We just cannot recommend him highly enough. He's thoughtful, funny, witty and kind all wrapped into one great party package. We are so grateful that he was with us every step of the way and we know you will feel the same. 

Jen Neely Densmore





"You are very good at what you do!"

We were at a birthday party for our friends' daughter last weekend and were pleasantly surprised to learn that Kevin was there to capture the moments of the day and take photos of all the kids! He was so much fun to be around, and photographed the kids both seated and in action! Our daughter is usually not into doing portraits, but liked Kevin so much she was following him around trying to get him to take her picture! I love the photos he took of our kids, and the others I have seen on this page!! Thank you so much, Kevin! As I told you at the party, you are very good at what you do!

Gabrielle Royal



"Absolute joy to work with!"

Kevin was an absolute joy to work with! I needed some photos for my website and he was highly recommended from a few friends and I can see why. I’d never done a photo shoot before and was quite nervous about it but Kevin immediately put me at ease, took an interest in what my website is all about, made suggestions and made the entire shoot comfortable and fun! His creativity and passion for what he does shines through and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a fabulous photographer.

Erin Melito




"Everyone had so much fun!"

Thank you for all you did to make our wedding so amazing! Everyone had so much fun, especially us! Thank you for all the planning meetings and for making it come to life so perfectly!

Margaret & Hugh O'Shea




"We just cannot recommend him highly enough."

"What can we say about Kevin and the energy he brings to a celebration?  Amazing is perfect descriptor for how this DJ will make you dance and feel.  He makes it seem effortless but the details he puts into the planning ensure that not a beat is missed.  He communicates openly, directly, honestly and reviews the details of your day over and over, which produces an end result that calms your nerves and allows you a clear and focused timeline of the days events.  Our guests were so impressed with Kevin that one friend offered him double his going rate on the spot to DJ for her sisters upcoming wedding.  No small offer from the maid of honor!  Finally, when there was a small communication breakdown with the caterer, Kevin already wearing multiple hats, swooped in and took care of everything in a smooth fashion.  We just cannot recommend him highly enough.  He's thoughtful, funny, witty and kind all wrapped into one great party package.  We are so grateful that he was with us every step of the way and we know you will feel the same."  

Jen Neely Densmore and Michelle Densmore



"Great, Just Great!"

I want to thank you for energizing the air with your contagious happiness. Thank you for bringing out all of Carla’s beauty! The way you organized the entire event was subtle but amazingly effective. I wish I had known how amazing you made the entire event before hand, I could have gotten a second job to give you a larger tip! You were just wonderful, gracious, talented and I am grateful! Please thank Meghan as well. She was so helpful setting up that morning, drying off chairs……running across the field so they wouldn’t remove the ladder. Great, Just Great!

Thank You

Jeanne Parks



"Thank you for being you."

Thank you for being you. I love events when you’re there; you’re in such control. I just gave out your card yesterday for June 2015.


Pooh Corner Farm



"Your darn AMAZING self!"

Thank you so much for everything – your amazing work, your amazing kindness, your amazing friendship, just your darn amazing self! Steve and I are so happy to have you in our lives. This new chapter in our lives has some awesome characters in it!

Love you!

Bethany & Steve




Thank god you exist.

Ashley Maria



"Where do we even begin to thank you?"

You made our wedding day the most magical and special day we could have ever asked for. From the first meeting in your living room, to the detailed emails and phone calls, to the spur of the moment pool hall photoshoot and fresh organic watermelon juice, to the floating dock/boat photos (where I was sure that I was about to fall into the ocean - dress, Louboutins and all) to the epic dance party, you were truly AMAZING. Everyone who had recommended you to us was right on the money! We enjoyed all of your jokes and techniques to get us to laugh and smile during our photos! Every one of our guests have raved about you and how ours was the best wedding they had ever been to! We couldn't agree more. You are the best! We love you!! Stay in touch and enjoy your retro radio!!


Erica & Ian Goodridge



"It was easy to have fun."

Kevin, it was such a pleasure meeting you at Amanda and Nathan's wedding. From the fist moment I saw you, I knew that you weren't going to be one of those photographers that would leave anyone out. Unfortunately that happens more often than not. Thank you for capturing one of my most honored moments of my life. It still brings tears to my eyes. 

You have a great way of talking to people in the most kind and understanding way. I pray for great success for you and your future. Every person you come into contact with, I can imagine they are happy to know you as a calming man on a day that can easily be full of stress. Not only do you have the talent of capturing beautiful moments on one of the most important days of a couples life's. You also bring a great energy to the dance floor! I got to move around on the dance floor the whole time. It was easy to have fun. I didn't feel judged. In fact I felt encouraged to be more like me and play how I wanted to. 

So thank you for being who you are and doing what you do. It was an honor to meet you through Amanda and Nathan.

Rebecca S B Horton



"I couldn't tell who was having more fun..."

To anyone looking for an energetic, enthusiastic, lively, and animated DJ, you should hire Kevin!!  At our PTO Wellness Fair, Kevin was the DJ.  He created such a fun atmosphere throughout the event by hosting mini dance parties for the kids.  The kids (and parents) had so much fun!  With a wide variety of music being played, the dance parties included sing-a-longs, dance contests, and follow-the-leader.  I was so amazed with the level of enthusiasm Kevin displayed throughout the entire event.  At times, I couldn’t tell who was having more fun the kids and parents, or Kevin.  He was truly committed to the event, which somewhat surprised me because he had fit our event in before TWO other events that he had that Saturday.  I would have expected him to be distracted or trying to rush, but that was never the case.  His total commitment to the kids having fun was all that I noticed!  Before this event, and based on my other experiences with Kevin as the DJ for adult events, I recommended him for weddings and adult parties.  After seeing him at this event, I also highly recommend Kevin for all types of family and kid events!  If you want your kids to have the most memorable event (and to be exhausted when it’s over) you should contact Kevin! 

Becky Carrier



 “It was an easy choice…”

  When searching for someone to help us plan our wedding, it was a little overwhelming. Once we talked to Kevin and heard about all the things he offered at such a reasonable price, it was an easy choice! We honestly couldn't imagine going with anyone else. From the initial meetings and photography sessions to planning the actual wedding day and the timeline, Kevin and his trusty colleague Meghan worked tirelessly to make sure we had the best day! Meghan was amazing on the actual day, making sure everything went smoothly and we stayed on schedule but also that I as the bride felt relaxed. Kevin and Meghan are the best!!

 - Amber Lane




  “He goes above and beyond on every level…”

 I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin Ouellette several times now. He never ceases to amaze me. Not only is he an artist behind the lens he is a pro at making sure a brides day goes absolutely perfect. He goes above and beyond on every level and each time we get to work together I am impressed all over again. Amazing DJ is an understatement!!!!

 Samantha Rogers




"Kevin was able to work miracles with me."

Kevin is so amazing! He will be photographing our wedding in August and he recently did some engagement photos for us. I am very photophobic and Kevin was able to work miracles with me. His humor, his sensitivity for just the right moment in time and his enthusiasm gave us such a wonderful experience. I love the photos he took!! We are so looking forward to our wedding day and the photos he will be taking as well as the music he will be playing. Thank you Kevin. You truly live up to your label of AMAZING!

 Victoria Kundishora & Jo Maxner




 “We feel so grateful to have found you!”

 As we celebrate our 1st Anniversary today, we continue to thank you for the role you played on our wedding day. Thank you for your time, your talent, your energy, and your incredibly ability to make one of the most important days of our lives go exactly as we had wanted it. We feel so grateful to have found you!

Stefani Auger Hirsch



  “He won my heart…”

  I am a hairstylist, and I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin at a client's wedding this weekend. I have come across many wedding planners and photographers over the course of my career, and Kevin impressed me immediately. He won my heart from the moment he came into the hotel room and plopped down a speaker and started cranking out the tunes! I was very impressed by his professionalism, charisma, and skill at making the bride and everyone else involved feel at ease. The music was fantastic and the photos I've seen so far are phenomenal. I would recommend Kevin to anyone who wants a smooth and fun wedding experience.

 Nyssa Bishop



  “I would wholeheartedly recommend him…”

  My best friend just got married this past weekend and Kevin was her photographer. I honestly believe he was one of the best photographers I've seen at a wedding, and I've been in and to quite a few! His spirit and energy really gets the crowds going. He gets some truly incredible shots. He was most phenomenal with the little kids...they could be crying one second and then he'd have them giggling the next. I would whole heartedly recommend him! I know that our whole wedding party loved him, especially the bride & groom! Cannot wait to see all the amazing photos he took!! :-)

  Alison Esty



  “…the best I have ever seen.”

  So the name is his business is Amazing DJ Music (Sound and Photography) and after meeting him for the first time and seeing him work on Friday night at the gala I can honestly say this guy is an amazing DJ...the best I have ever seen. If you are looking for a DJ, this guy is AMAZING!!!! He brings so much energy too an event and is just a great guy. Thanks so much Kevin Ouellette for being part of this night and thanks to Cindy Edwards for referring Kevin. You made this night even more special thanks so much!!!

  Clint Steele




 “It was a great night all the way around…”

 Was recently at a gala where Kevin Ouellette did his D.J. thing and wow, what amazing energy this young man has. Not only were his song picks rockin' but he clearly was having just as much fun dancing to them as we were. Not sure I've ever seen a D.J. bounce before.  It was a great night all the way around and Kevin and his music were key to its success. Thank you K.O.!

  Martha Scott



  “Everyone loved his enthusiasm…”

 Thank you to our truly AMAZING DJ/planner for playing a major role in making our wedding day perfect. Not only did he keep the dance floor full all night, he also made the day run as smoothly as possible. When things got overwhelming he knew exactly what to do to calm everybody down. Every time we looked over at him he was always dancing and smiling. He really enjoys his job and everyone loved his enthusiasm! We were so lucky to have found Kevin! We can't thank you enough for everything you did for us!!!


Ashley Brinkerhoff



Kevin is so patient, professional, creative, fun, and talented. He took such unique shots and made me feel so pretty just as I am. I've said it before, I'm saying it now and I'm certain to say it again... Kevin IS amazing!

April Paju



So much more than just a DJ or a photographer...Kevin pretty much coordinated our whole wedding and took the most amazing photos at a more than fair price. We couldn't have been more lucky than to find him. The quality and service he provides is above and beyond anything you would ever expect. I guarantee it!

Chuck Martin



Anyone who works with Kevin will not be disappointed, true to the company name, his work is amazing! 

Derek Lamb



Kev is an amazing photographer. Very professional, kind, and sweet man great personality. Love working withhim....he is rock!!!!!

Thi Na Tran



Kevin, you do an amazing job and I honestly would like to say that you are a true inspiration to better my photography. When I get married, you will be the first to contact for all the services you do!!! Keep up the fantastic job!!!!

Crystal Seidel



Although I have previously reviewed Kevin and his work I feel like he has progressed over the three years my family and I have worked with him so I can rave about him again
Kevin ran our wedding from planning stages right down to cleaning up chairs with precision and absolute knowledge of his art. He IS the best choice for your wedding needs. Absolute BEST decision you can make as a bride. BUT that was 3 years ago. Now he is our go to man for family photography. We try to plan once or twice a year to visit him. We have two rambunctious boys that are 3 and 5 who LOVE Kevin. Photographing them isn't the easiest thing to accomplish! I always worry that we won't have good shots of them because they are wild but we always are floored by the end results when we receive the finished work. He really is a master of catching each personality perfectly. We just recently welcomed our 3rd son and visited Kevin at 10 days old. He was laid back when the baby fussed and made no issue of the time we were taking up changing diapers or nursing when we should've been shooting pics. The end results were, as usual, AMAZING.
I honestly believe hiring Kevin is an investment not only in our memories but in the memories that our children will share with their children and so on! Family photos are super important so why not make them AMAZING?!?
Love you Kevin Ouellette!

-Rebecca Trask



I want to thank Kevin for being such a fabulous DJ at our staff party on Saturday night. We danced for hours and Kevin kept our energy going the whole night. I first saw Kevin 1 1/2 years ago when I was at a friend's wedding and also said if I had the opportunity to hire him for anything I would and I did! Already looking forward to the next party I can hire him for!!! I have never experienced such a fun, energetic DJ like him before and it is so obvious that he absolutely loves what he does. Thanks again Kevin!!!

-Lisa Libby



I had so much fun to work with Kevin! He is a very talented and a creative photographer + he has a huge wardrobe filled with AMAZING costumes / vintage items and many other things! The pictures came out beautiful and I can't wait to work with him again:)

-Ivett Toth



My wife and I first met Kevin Ouellette at our friends wedding and immediately knew that we had to have his unmatched energy and enthusiasm for our special day. After that when it was time to get some family photos done we called on Kevin who did an amazing job so we did two more times and Kevin has always done amazing as the name states. So when we had our new baby Emery Joseph there was no question that Kevin would be doing pictures of him and guess what? He did AMAZING again! Hire Kevin if you want to have a great time and you will get some pretty amazing photos as well.

-Nathan Trask



Kevin, you and Meghan are such an amazing team!! I was so excited when my sister told me that she had you coming for the DJ and photo booth and you did not disappoint! I read your reviews regularly and I feel like a broken record when I say how awesome you guys are but it is the truth... Having a party with friends and family is great but having you and Meghan there made it amazing!! You and our Little Nana dancing and the photos in the booth... OMG!! That's something I'll never forget and she had the most fun! Hilarious!!!

-Sandy Doyon



I came to Kevin's Amazing DJ page with the intention of writing a review and ended up spending twenty minutes scrolling through his most recent photos. The man really doesn't need another review, his work speaks for itself! Kevin has a gift for bringing out the essence of a person, place or creature and then artfully capturing it with his camera ... anyone can see that. What you may not see, is the the masterful way he works as both photographer and DJ at a wedding. These two roles are among the most important for setting the tone of the day, especially when you consider how much time you and your guests may spend interacting with the person/people you choose to hire for the job. I wish I had known Kevin when I got married. He brings fun and life to a party. He also has the wisdom to know when it's time to slip into the background and capture the fullness of an intimate or unscripted moment. As a DJ he understands what music will draw people onto the dance floor and his joyous dancing is bound to keep everyone going for hours! I'm deeply inspired by Kevin's work and I wholeheartedly recommend him for any event ~

-Jessica McKneally



Thank you so very much for helping us make our day AMAZING!
You understood what type of wedding we really wanted and made sure it happened.
Everyone was raving about how great you were, and all were wondering where they could get your energy because it didn't stop from the beginning to the end! Thank you so much for keeping things running smoothly and for taking beautiful pictures and being a kick ass DJ!
-Nikki & Chris Ouellette



This is the best DJ/Photographer EVER!

-Kathy Ouellette



I was at Chris and Nicole's wedding last night and I must say you do a FANTASTIC job!!! Wonderful beautiful pictures and great music and you are sooooo entertaining!

-Nancy LaFreniere



I needed photos of myself for my business. A shot of me to go along with interviews and articles. I wanted something fun, but professional and something that showed my personality.
I am so happy I had Kevin take pictures for me. I'm a little camera shy, but felt totally at ease with him. Not only does he have a great eye, but he is also a warm, creative person willing to go outside the box for a great shot. He's so funny, it certainly wasn't hard to smile for the camera!
Highly highly highly recommended!!

-Pamela J DeSantis Tachibana



During extensive research of DJing options the southern Maine area, we came across enthusiastic reviews for Amazing DJ Music. We googled the site and clicked on the link. Expecting to only be gathering data about a possible DJ, we noticed that Amazing DJ Music was actually Amazing DJ Music (Sound AND Photography). We were not looking for a photographer at that point, but out of curiosity, we decided to look at the wedding photo gallery. Immediately, it was clear that Kevin had an incredible eye, directed excellent compositions, possessed great post processing skills and was good at shooting a wide range of people (including queer & same sex couples- of which we are). We set-up a meeting with him to discuss DJing, and realized that we clicked with him AND he could offer us so much more than just music: DJing, a Photobooth, Engagement and Wedding Photography AND Event Coordination. We realized that working with Kevin was a solid investment in our day AND our memories. We signed up for everything he had to offer, and we’ve been so pleased with our choice! We’ve had our Engagement photos (which took less than 24 hours to get back-and look totally amazing) and have had several coordination meetings (which have helped us to consider very necessary things that were totally not on our radar). Our big day is coming up and we can’t wait to experience the day with him and see it again through his photos.
-Anna Schwartz and Sarah Holmes



Kevin! We could not be more pleased with our photos! I don't think anyone could ask for a more talented, hilarious, organized, and fun photographer! I feel like you captured every moment I wanted to remember and every moment I had missed. Seeing your photos was like reliving the night. I also really appreciate you being there from the beginning of my day and helping myself, bridesmaids, and my mom feel more at ease. I would and will recommend you to ANYONE who needs a photographer and/or DJ!

-Leela Martin



Kevin is amazing! At 8.5 months pregnant I do not always feel beautiful. Kevin made me feel like a true beauty, pregnant belly and all. Kevin's natural ability to make you laugh and feel confident in your skin is unmatched. His eye for beauty made our maternity photo shoot. I have never had more fun getting my picture taken. He is effortless behind the camera. He was able to capture the joy of my pregnancy in our photos. He caught these special moments and emotions between my husband and myself. I already know I will look back at these photos of this cherished time in my life and be grateful that Kevin truely captured the way we felt. I couldn't be happier with our photos and the whole experience. I highly recommend Kevin and Amazing DJ Music!

-Amber Lynn Nutting



There is no question that Kevin at Amazing DJ Music is a talented photographer. More importantly, he is a great director! When my wife and I went to him for portraits, he managed to get us--who are inexperienced in these things to say the least--posed like models. His ability to communicate what he needed us to do for the shot while making us feel comfortable was impressive. With every shot, he immediately popped the SD card into the computer to show us a preview and give us an idea of what he could do with post-processing. Most importantly, the results fit the namesake: Amazing! We didn't know we could look so good. Thanks Kevin!

-Scott Nutting



Kevin did my son Levi's 1st pictures (which were adorable!) last year and I knew we had to get his 1st birthday pics with him as well! He always manages to make my kids look absolutely beautiful, when I see the pictures I have to admit I get misty eyed! Kevin also has such a great demeanor with kids. My almost 4 year old takes a little while to warm up to people and Kevin has a way of bringing out his smiles even when my little guy starts out grumpy. Of course the baby was all about his goofiness as well. I truly appreciate his time and talent and would recommend him to anyone!

-Carolyn Bauer White



As the mother of the groom, Kevin was the by far the best D.J.
( and more) that I have ever encountered. He was incredibly discrete and respectful in the church and kept the reception hopping the entire night. I literally had not danced fast in over 30 years, and ended up dancing ( and fast ) the entire night. KEVIN was awesome!!! He seemed to be everywhere!

-Daniele Perreault LeBlanc



Awesome awesome awesome! Couldn't have picked a better dj/photographer. Kevin is the best. You will not be disappointed.

-Jaimey Gero



Simply put; Kevin is amazing, and is truly talented. His work speaks wonders for his passion.

-Alyssa Brochu



Yesterday I brought my teenage daughter to have her pictures done by Kevin. I had never met Kevin before and basically thought I was in for a traditional photo session. I have done photo shoots myself and was thinking it would be something like I had experienced. Boy was I wrong. I should of known by the many conversations that I had with Kevin that this was going to be something special. He brought out the beauty inside Callie and put it on the screen for her eyes to see. She is typical teenage girl that hates her changing body and nothing on her is ever right. 2 hours with Kevin helped her see that is not true. It was a small thing in my mind to do for her and it turned out to be the best thing for her right now. I love Kevin so much I am scheduling to have pictures done with both my daughters. I would recommend him over and over again. You will walk away with memories that are captured for a life time.
-Danielle Datilio Rocco



Kevin, Thanks for the great time getting through our engagement pics!!! We had a blast with you and could not imagine working with anyone else. You have such a talent and really made us feel like family, so comfortable. We are so excited to see you again and plan the rest of our big day!

-Jamie Labrecque



Kevin and Meghan ... AMAZING!!! You both went above and beyond to make sure our day ran as smooth as possible from start to finish!!! AMAZING!!!! Our guests are still talking about how great our photographer and DJ were!!! AMAZING!!! Kevin always knew what to say and when... As bride, I needed space and he got it for me. When my dress ripped before the ceremony, Kevin stayed calm and so did I!!! AMAZING!!! Our wedding was a true fairytale and Amazing DJ captured it perfectly!!! AMAZING!!! THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH... We highly recommend you to anyone!!!
-Sarah & Steve Catalano



Kevin, YOU rocked the house! All our guests were raving about your work. The best DJ ever!!! Thank you for helping make our wedding and reception spectacular!

-Brian Skilling



Today my fiancé and it had our engagement photos and we're unable to find a sitter for our two girls (ages 10 & 6). Kevin was not aware they would be coming but did an amazing job of not only taking fantastic photos of us and the kids but also of making them feel special. Upon leaving I asked the girls if they had fun today and they replied with a resounding "yes". I mentioned they would see Kevin again and they said "good, I like him". If your looking for professional photos with someone who is very adaptable, thinks well on his feet, and truly cares about your event use Kevin with the utmost confidence.

-Jason Lyford



When planning our wedding, we heard over and over again that the important areas to invest in is a good DJ and photographer....and then poof, here came Kevin, DJ and photography all in one!!!! And Kevin was an AMAZING investment!!! I was skeptical at first that getting quality photos or good music would be possible with him multi-tasking, but Kevin & Megan gave a performance (literally!!) that I have never seen before. our guests were entertained the entire time and the memories captured in our photos are stunning to look at!!! We cannot thank you enough for making our wedding memorable!!!!

–Kaitlyn Sherburne



I recommend Kevin to every bride I meet now after his superb job at my friends wedding!!!

-Samantha Rogers



Kevin was the best at Krystal and James Mitkonis wedding. I would highly recommend him for photo's and music if your looking for great professionalism and the best time ever.

-Darlene Leland



Kevin, truly u r amazing! Thanks for a wonderful night. It couldn't have been any better! U rock!!!

-Corey Olmsted



"I did not have to stress a bit on the wedding day..."

Kevin I want to thank you for the amazing job you did photographing our wedding!! Not only are the pictures fantastic but working with you was easy and fun. You did a great job keeping everyone on track for the entire day and making sure everyone was where they needed to be at the right time. And on top of all of that you were so much fun to work with! I did not have to stress a bit on the wedding day because I knew that you would take care of any bumps along the way! Thank you for being so great to work with and for the absolutely stunning pictures of our day!!! I know that I will be recommending you to everyone!

Nicki (Jimino) Kanis



"Our pictures have made me tear up with happiness..."

Kevin truly IS amazing! He captured my family and our quirky personalities perfectly! I cannot say enough about him, do yourself a favor and book a shoot with him, comes with no ideas in mind and within moments of meeting you, Kevin will know exactly what to do! Our pictures have made me tear up with happiness, as a photographer myself, I am never in the pictures with my family so to see all 5 of us together and a full unit made my heart smile so big! Thank you Kevin from the bottom of our hearts, we WILL be seeing more of you! 

Laila Valade



"You made our wedding day so easy and stress-free..."

Hi Kevin, I wanted to say thank you for such a great day! You made our wedding day so easy and stress-free, and the photos that we have seen so far have been amazing (no pun intended)! The music was tremendous and we had such a blast. This all comes back to you making sure our day was one to remember. We hope to be seeing you at a wedding again in the future! Thanks again!

Tyler Berthiaume



"Thank you for organizing my thoughts and maintaining my sanity..."

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making our wedding night one to remember!!! Thank you for organizing my thoughts and maintaining my sanity while you worked with us, ha ha!! Your energy was fantastic and kept the crowd wanting more!! You are one of the ring leaders in the whole wedding day so it is crucial that you go all in. And you definitely do (and then some)!! You are so passionate with your work and it most definitely shines through!! Thank you Kevin for an amazing, unforgettable night!!!!

Mallorie Chenevert



"You both made it a most memorable time for all there!"

Thank you Kevin for such a wonderful time at my son and daughter-in-law, Kevin and Sarah Merryman's wedding! The photos that we have been given sneak peeks at are beautiful! I can't wait to see the rest! Your DJ talents was lots of fun to watch!! My grandchildren had so much fun dancing with you near the end! We all had so much fun getting dressed up in your props for the photo booth!! Thank you Meghan!! You both made it a most memorable time for all there!

Cathi Merryman



"You totally rocked!"

Thank you so much for the time ad patience you had at my photo shoot. The photos are amazingly beautiful and unique. You totally rocked! I had fun that day and you really made it an enjoyable session.

Oraya Fortney



Thank you Kevin for the photos today! You made me feel comfortable, and I feel like my pictures are truly unique! The experience overall was so much fun. Thanks again!

Kia Hewins



Just wanted to thank you for the "amazing" job you did with the Martel/Merryman event this weekend, a pleasure to work with you! Keep the pics coming and thanks for sharing them with us!

The Fergusons, A Highlander’s Garden



"I can't use the word enough, your stuff is absolutely incredible."

Just searching through a friend's wedding photos and saw what incredible work you've done with her photos; living across the country, I had to use the photos to live vicariously, and it felt as if I were there. Then I saw your incredible freelance photography...

I can't use the word enough, your stuff is absolutely incredible. Remarkably creative, original, and meticulously detailed. I may not live in Maine anymore but I will recommend you to everyone I know over there. Just had to leave mad props to your talent.

Heather Green



"One of the best..."

The Merryman wedding on Saturday 7/20 was an absolutely perfect day! One of the best photographers/DJ/event planners I've ever seen! Thank you!

Brenda Champigny



"We have definitely found our family photographer as long as you are around."

You have outdone yourself yet again. We can't thank you enough for the amazing photos you took capturing Meadow in her first days of life. We have definitely found our family photographer as long as you are around. If I know of anyone looking to have photos done, I will be sure to highly recommend you.

The Kutasi Family



"Kevin does fantastic work!" Special thanks to Amazing DJ Music for coming out last Thursday to cover Maine Cancer Foundation's Twilight 5K!

Kevin does fantastic work! We appreciate him donating his time to make this charity race so special. With his help, and the donations of all the runners, we raised over $135,000 to fund cancer research, education and patient support programs her in Maine! Thanks Kevin.

Maine Cancer Foundation





"so worth the 1.5 hr ride!!!"

I didn't have to convince my cousin to hire Kevin for her wedding, his pictures sold themselves. But it's not all about pictures for Kevin Ouellette...Kevin develops rapport with the bride and her guests which creates opportunity for natural photography. People are happy around him; he makes them smile, feel confident, and enthusiastic. He captures the creative aspects of the moment. He is approachable and is incredibly easy to work with. Can't wait for our next photo session with Kevin this summer, he is so worth the 1.5 hr ride!!!

Amy Rose



Your thank notes are the BEST!!! Your pictures capture the whole wedding day. I'm glad we share so many events!

Pooh Corner Farm Greenhouses & Florist



"...the biggest reason that our day was perfect..."

Thank you for being a part of our wedding. Your enthusiasm and guidance throughout the entire process was the biggest reason that our day was perfect and ran so smoothly. Your attention to detail and keen eye is truly amazing. Once again thank you for all of your hard work, effort, and ability to make everything fun! You are definitely the best!

Erin Jackson



"...such sensitivity, passion, laughter, love..."


You are an amazing photographer, Kevin. Amazing!!! I so look forward to seeing your posts everyday. You have such sensitivity, passion, laughter, love in your photos!! Thanks for sharing your gift with all of us!!

Victoria Kundishora



"They were fun and serious and yet so natural all at the same time."

The photos came out awesome! Just as we had expected they would after having such a great photo shoot. Some of the shots made me chuckle because of the look on my husband's face but that is part of what made them so great. They were fun and serious yet so natural all at the same time. We can't wait for this baby to arrive, hopefully soon, so that you can capture that once in a lifetime sweetness of a newborn. Thank you again for such a great day and awesome pictures to cherish forever.

Vanessa Kutasi



“…it was a blast, definitely the best birthday ever!”

Kevin isn't like any other photographer, his skills are amazing and they really show in his photos! Each individual photo is different and unique in its own way. He did a fabulous photoshoot with me and some of my friends for my sweet 16 birthday party, and it was a blast, definitely the best birthday ever! We got to use props, furniture, and super cool lighting to bring out the photos, which they turned out to be incredible. I highly recommend Kevin for senior photos, weddings, headshots, parties, and for just a fun photoshoot like we did!

--Parker Perkins



“It's a great place to go to for senior pictures, wedding pictures, birthday parties…”

I was part of the 'sweet 16' photo shoot along with some of my great friends. The photo shoot was amazing! Fun filled, exciting and a really creative way to get outstanding pictures done! It's a great place to go to for senior pictures, wedding pictures, birthday parties, and any other events! I highly recommend getting your pictures done here!

--Lauren Reynolds




"Kevin went above and beyond..."

Kevin went above and beyond using his true artistic talents and behind the lens knowledge

to make the photo shoot for my daughter's surprise 16th birthday party a memorable one. He made my daughter and her friends feel like models and pushed them to have some unique, fun, and eclectic photos.

--Melissa Horn Perkins



“I was so thrilled with his level of professionalism…”

I wanted to thank Kevin, so writing here on his wall seemed the best way to share.
I originally hired him to help with a promotion of a Fitness Contest Event I had planned as the Club Manager for Anytime Fitness at the Westgate Location in Portland. I was so thrilled with his level of professionalism, his energy for life and his genuine desire to make everyone feel valued and involved in the fun. I also hired him personally to handle my photos when I needed professional head shots and just some fun pictures for my personal portfolio. I was delighted again at his ability to bring the creative fun and joy out in my session on every photo. I have and continue to recommend him to everyone I know who needs a photo taken. He is creative, fun, engaged and makes 4 hours go by in a flash...his professionalism is a bonus!


--April Elaine Powell



“I am 100% positive you will love him…”

Fun + Talented = Kevin Ouellette!! And of course it doesn't stop there! There are just so many great things to say about him. I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin at my cousin's wedding. I must admit I was a little nervous when she told me that he was her DJ and photographer?! All I could think! Trust me when I say, it was done with ease! Kevin is super energetic, happy and always smiling. Creative, fun, and very personable. Kevin has this positive energy that was felt through out the room. If you have worked with Kevin before, I am quite sure you would agree with me. If you have not yet had the pleasure, I am 100% positive you will love him, just was we did! Thank you Kevin! I will absolutely recommend you to everyone!

--Sara Jean



“I will definitely be hiring him again…”

I hired Kevin for my wedding. I can’t praise him enough. He is the BEST. He has so much energy, funny, and so talented. Music was perfect and the pictures are beautiful. There is no way my wedding day would have been as amazing as it was without him. Thank you Kevin for everything you did to make my wedding day so perfect. I will definitely be hiring him again in the future

--Jamie Santos



“Breathtaking pictures to boot…”

It was my sincere pleasure to work with Kevin. We had so much fun! His playful and creative spirit put me immediately at ease. Happily, his amiable and easygoing nature is matched by his artistic integrity and professionalism. Owing to a fearless and creative approach to his craft he just so happens to make breathtaking pictures to boot! I’m quite pleased with the product of our shoot and hope to work with him again in the future.

--Sasha Kantro



“Not only a mega talented photographer but an extremely genuine individual…”

We would really be disappointed Kevin if, in the next 20 years you stopped surprising us with your thoughtfulness and joy. We arrived home from a disappointing show only to be greeted by a fabulous picture you took of me and Ellen during our wedding day. You turned our day into sunshine. You are not only a mega talented photographer but an extremely genuine individual. Thank you so much!

--Sandy Gniedziejko



“It was so fun and relaxing…”

Last summer Kevin did a photo shoot of some friends. Since then, I have been following his work. Last Sunday, my husband and I had our own photo shoot. It was the most time we’d spent together in a couple of weeks due to renovations on our home. Even though we were doing a photo shoot with Kevin, the time together was great. It was so fun and relaxing we’d almost forgotten that we were being photographed. We can’t wait to have our baby so that Kevin can forever capture the beginning of our lives as a family. His work is just amazing and I would highly recommend him for any type of photo shoot. Thank you Kevin for making our time together so special and fun!!!!

--Derek & Vanessa Kutasi



“He was so patient with her..”

Kevin took our daughter's two year photos, and they were incredible! He was so patient with her and captured adorable photos of her just doing her thing. He really knows how to work a camera and keep a two-year-old engaged at the same time!

I LOVE how he edited a few photos right on the spot to give us a preview! Can't wait to see the rest!!!!

--Kerrie-Lee Lampron



“I am just awestruck…”

So, I am just awestruck at the remainder of the photos from my shoot. My husband is equally awestruck ;) You are an exceptionally talented guy! You made the photo shoot so fun and light, and some of my favorite shots are the ones where you had me completely cracking up! I cannot thank you enough for helping me with my Valentine’s project! I'm looking forward to family pictures done by you ASAP!!!!

--Sandie Doyon



“Plain and simple you’re CRAZY not to hire [him]…”

My husband and I hired Kevin for head shots for work. What can we say that hasn't already been said? Kevin Ouellette's enthusiasm is infectious! Hiring Kevin was absolutely, positively worth every penny! It was such a great experience and his ability to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera was so refreshing.

He truly is just as excited as you are to capture the best shots. In fact, when we were finished we spent several minutes revisiting other photos he had taken previously with prior clients. His excitement showed me how genuinely happy he was for being able to capture those moments. He loves what he does and it shows!

Plain and simple you’re CRAZY not to hire this entertaining, passionate, unique, artistic photographer - he's the real deal!

A picture is worth a 1000 words and being able to capture that moment that means the most to all of us is priceless. Kevin has mastered that time and time again.

Kevin, thank you so much! We look forward to working with you again and wish you continued success!

Bridget and Chris King :)

Chris gave his own review , too. When asked how he felt about the shoot, he replied:

"I thought it was f@%kin awesome and you know I hate sh*t like that"



“He got my 12 year old into nicer pants. Amazing.”

 Right. So I said to Kevin, "I want you to take a photo that exactly captures who we are - but looks good. I want something my kids can look back on when they are grown to remember their mom when she was younger." No pressure there. Here's the thing: He totally did it! Kids, dog, self... really beautiful image - and somehow, completely capturing not only the moment, but who we are as ourselves and in relation to each other. And he got my 12 year old into nicer pants. Amazing.

Heather Martin



"Makes you feel as if you've known him for years"

Shooting today with Kevin was truly one of the most relaxing and laid back experiences I've ever had with a photographer! He certainly has a way with people, and makes you feel as though you have known him for years. I highly, highly recommend him for any pictures you want taken. Feeling comfortable and at ease is so, so important, and it absolutely shows in every picture he takes!

            -- Shannon Ramsey



"What a talent this man has"

What a talent this man has.... He really is quite remarkable!
When Kevin did my photos we just had a blast. The mood was very informal & the calm came thru in the end product.

When he later did my sons photos, he was patient & understanding.
I almost think my son wanted me to go wait in the car :)~

He has a leading nature about him that takes some of the responsibility from you & an eye for beauty that is impressive.
I can’t wait to meet up again soon.

            --Laurie Appleton



"If that's not baby approved. I don't know what is."

So I saw the post Kevin did about Meghan his associate that was attacked in Portland. I thought her pictures were powerful and heart wrenching and I was quickly scanning through picture after picture of Kevin's work. I enjoyed his unique perspective and seriously the kids in costumes...... let's be frank here. Freaking adorable. It's like his kid calling card. He thanked me for liking his page that night while I was shuffling through artfully done pictures of empowered women, beautiful families, and darling sleeping infants, and I decided I wanted him to take pictures of my most prized possession. My beautiful baby girl. My daughter is no stranger to photography and having pictures taken of her. She has had professional pictures chronicling her life from that first breathe and every three months following. That said my daughter has never made it easy for the wonderful photographer that has recorded precious stages in her growth and development, she is normally quite frankly vacant, stubborn and fussy. I wanted her one year shoot to just be fun for her, and I had this funny feeling that Kevin was our man. Sure enough he immediately made her feel at home and was down playing and talking to her, and she didn't shed a single tear in the entire two hours we spent with Kevin. If she started fussing he swept her away and the two of them spent a few minutes looking out the window. He even scored an unsolicited open mouth kiss towards the end of the session. If that's not baby approved. I don't know what is. Thank you so much Kevin!

Christina Lusth-Webb



"A wonderful demeanor with children"

My family and I cannot express how pleased we were with our photography session with you and the photos we received afterward. You have a wonderful demeanor with children and our often shy daughter instantly felt comfortable with you! We love the photos we received and we were thrilled to share the images on the Christmas card we sent out to family and friends. I cannot tell you how many compliments we received! Thank you again for providing us with images we will treasure for years to come. I would highly recommend your services and will be sharing your name with others. Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year!

-- Tanya Davis and Family



"He engaged all of us in the creative process..."

If you have kids, Kevin Ouellette at Amazing DJ Music (Sound and Photography) is absolutely the photographer for you! I recently booked a session for my two kiddos, ages 6 and 9, and me to get our first ever professional family photo done, and I’ll admit I was pretty nervous about how it would go. Kevin’s professionalism and mastery at working with energetic children (and anxious moms) was evident within moments of arriving at his studio. He engaged all of us in the creative process and combined our ideas with his tried and true techniques to produce not only some beautiful and cherished family photographs, but also a memorable and fun experience for us all! I highly recommend him for all your photographic needs, and am already looking forward to working with him again. Thank you, Kevin!

--Monique Barrett



"Kevin made me so comfortable"

I don't know where to begin to tell how much fun I had at this shoot! I've never really had a professional photographer take my pictures and had always been shy to the idea. Kevin made me so comfortable and just seemed to understand me so well! I learned so much from him and cannot wait to work with him again. I would highly recommend him to everyone! :)

            --Samantha Nappi



"The most fun they have had at a work function"

I am proud to say that I was responsible for selecting Kevin as a DJ for our IDEXX HR function last week, and he was nothing short of fantastic! :) The function was almost a week ago, and employees who attended around the world, are still contacting me to say what a great DJ he is! People have told me that they had the most fun they have ever had at a work function, and that is in large part due to Kevin. His energy was amazing, and he kept up a fun party vibe all night! It does not matter if your event is corporate, a wedding, or just a fun party, Kevin will make it the best party you have ever thrown. IDEXX is a large company, and I will make sure that the other departments who plan events know about Kevin and the wonderful work he does!

            --Amanda Esposito



"an A+++++ across the board"

Amazing DJ just rocks. He did such a fantastic job for the HR IDEXX group last week at Bayside Bowling. The "clown" really loved everything. When I get married again someday, you will be the 1st one I call. Full of energy, photo booth is an amazing idea, beautiful photography-all and all an A+++++ across the board. Thank you so much! We all had a wonderful time!!!

            -- Donna McCullough



"So much FUN"

Kevin Ouellette is so much FUN to have around while everyone is getting ready for their wedding! Once he arrived, it was like the party began. His photos turned out phenomenal and I can't wait to share them on my blog! Excellent photographer, and I look forward to partying at one of his DJ events!

-- From This Day Forward, Traveling Wedding Makeup Service



"A true professional with heart!"

If you want to have an event that you don't have to worry about then Kevin Ouellette is the guy for you!! Kevin will bring energy, passion and major caring that your event is THE event of the season! I have never seen anyone throw themselves into their work as he does. He makes it come alive - in all ways!! A true professional with heart!

--Deb Rocco Barnum




Kevin, we’ve recently received the pictures as promised/estimated. You’ve done an impeccable job…looks like something out of a magazine. My son thanks you for the experience and I thank you for the photos. Well done!! If anyone is looking for a real photographer with a wonderful personality, Kevin’s the man. I would totally recommend him. Thanks Kevin!!

--Aling Cruz





"This guy is just pure amazing..."



Just got our photos. They were so worth the wait. This guy is just pure amazing at what he does. Thank you so much Kevin, we will cheerish them for life.
Anyone thinking of getting photos done, hands down KEVIN is the one. :)


--Kim Dana






"You went WAY above and beyond..."


Kevin, where do I even begin? Not only are you an extremely talented photographer but also a wonderfully fun DJ! Getting to work with you for a photo shoot a few months ago was such a good time and thanks to you, I have beautiful, professional and original photographs that I’m still receiving compliments on! More recently, you made my sister’s wedding a total BLAST and smooth evening for everyone involved. Not only did you get the crowd dancing throughout the evening, but you helped to relieve a lot of nerves and stress that comes with prepping for such a big event. You went WAY above and beyond and truly helped to make the night fun, energetic and special. Thank you for everything!

--Jaimie Galietta





"Where do I begin?"

Kevin is FULL of energy and a little OCD with his planning, which I absolutely loved. It is so hard to pick a DJ because you just never know what they will be like until you actually see them in action. Kevin did not disappoint. What I loved about the process with Kevin is that you meet with him in person pre-wedding and go through hundreds of songs and rank them "no" or "yes under the right circumstance". The yes's are the songs Kevin will chose from that day which makes no need for a do not play list. This made me feel so comfortable because I knew what songs could be played and did not have to worry about something I didn't like being played. It also allowed Kevin to do what he does best, which is read the crowd and play music to keep the dance floor filled, which it was. The fact that our dance floor was always filled is amazing because we had an insanely hot and humid night with borderline unbearable heat. How he danced the ENTIRE time in that heat is unreal. I would have passed out! Now I know why he is doing P90X all the time!!! He has been dubbed the "dancing dj" and he really does bust a groove behind his stand. It was never over-the-top though and always fun. My guests enjoyed him and I had many comments the next day about the DJ being a lot of fun. As far as announcements, etc went he was great and otherwise he didn't talk too much, which is key for me with a DJ. My caterer who has been in business for 14 years recommends two DJ's, one of which being Kevin. As she says, he just "gets it". I totally concur. He is nice, friendly, great to work with (both with the bride and groom and with other vendors - do not discount how key this is) and we would hire him again in a heartbeat! Thank you Kevin, for helping to make our night so wonderful. And I will always remember singing "Here Comes The Sun" with you after that apocalyptic rain storm! That is one of my favorite memories from the day.  


Christine Palomba Smith - Via Facebook September 18, 2011 (Photo Credit: Birch Blaze)



Just officiated for the first time one of my best friend's Wedding this past weekend -


Christine and Curtis Smith. Kevin you were great! Not only did you help calm my nerves and got me laughting but, your energy protruded to everyone there and got them movin' and grovin'. Such a positive person and you have the knack for making everyone feel great! I also have to say..You're quite a dancer! Folks can't help but, smile and enjoy themselves while you entertain us with your moves and your music. It was great meeting you. Keep up the awesome work!


Sherry Wiemann Via Facebook - September 12, 2011 





What else can be said!? You were such a huge part of my wedding; you played fantastic music, coordinated & directed the entire day & most importantly, you kept the energy up all day long! All my guests loved you and your amazing personality and everyone was talking about "the dancing dj" all night long! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making my wedding day SO.MUCH.FUN!!!!


Nicole Leopin Via Facebook - August 12, 2011



Thank you so much for making my sister's wedding a HUGE success.


You were right there helping the day run smoothly and definitely kept the dance party alive! Everyone loved your enthusiasm and energy, and you played the best music! Thanks again we couldn't have done it without you!!!!!!!!


Kristin Cloutier -Via Facebook August 6, 2011




Erin Connolly


Kevin of Amazing DJ Music was truly an essential part of our wedding day this July. From the moment my husband and I met with Kevin in his immaculate ‘office’ we were excited about working with him. Kevin’s planning process was extremely thought out, thorough, and FUN! Kevin certainly knows what he is doing. His energy at your first meeting is carried through to the last song played at the wedding. He knows what to play when, and what not to play at all. 

We had no idea that Kevin also came with wedding planning skills. Without him the ring bearer would have been swimming in the river, the groomsman wouldn’t have left the bar, and the audience would have stayed standing through the entire ceremony! Kevin was able to offer thoughts on our timeline of events and worked with us to mix his ideas with ours, the caterers, the photographers etc. 


Everything was perfect, and the things that might not have been perfect weren’t even noticed! We were very specific about no open mic at the wedding although one boisterous bridesmaid managed to swipe it anyway. Kevin just bounced across the dance floor as cool as ever and snagged it back from her with ease! Our friends and family are still talking about how perfect, awesome, full of energy, and AMAZING Kevin is! 

Kevin was so wonderful that one of my bridesmaids chose him as her DJ and photographer last month. I was privileged to be a part of this wedding as well. Kevin once again out did himself. He made the bride feel confident that he could do ceremony music, DJ the reception, and take pictures of it all and he absolutely came through! He even stalled their entrance so I could rewrite my speech since the first try turned out illegible…


Kevin is so full of energy that he makes the day more fun than you thought possible. He takes the time before the wedding to work out the kinks so that things run smoothly. He works with all the vendors to make sure timing of food, drinks, and entertainment is perfect. When we do this all again in 5 years (yes we’re having another party) we will certainly make sure to retain Kevin as our DJ!! 

Thank you so much for EVERYTHING Kevin!


Beth Krohner

Absolutely fantastic photographer and DJ. Had a small wedding at a beautiful place....but nothing made it more memorable than the way that Kevin was able to capture the moments and create memories for everyone there. Can't imagine the night without his talent! Thank you Kevin!



Anne Ajayi
"" My sons and I had an AMAZING time last week at our photo shoot with Kevin. Going into it, my bashful 11 year old was so uncomfortable at the thought of having to pose for pictures for an hour. As soon as we arrived, Kevin started joking with him and broke the ice in an instant! It really set the stage for a great time and awesome pictures. We took posed photos which I love, but my boys really loved the "action" shots. We walked the railroad, jumped off rocks, climbed trees, and played in the leaves. This experience was unlike any other photo experience my family has had and BY FAR produced the most genuine and beautiful still memories!!! He even took the extra time after the shoot was done to pull his guitars off the wall and have a little jam session with the kids. I can't wait to have another excuse to work with Kevin! For his art, for his energy, for his customer service, and for his commitment to excellence I sing his praises!!! Thank you, Kevin!



Katrina McAuliffe
"" By FAR the best dj/photograpgher I have ever seen!!! We attended the Trask wedding oct 15th, he did and amazing job, really captured the night and kept it exiting all night!!! If you are planning an event, dont even waste your time hiring anyone else, you will not be dissapointed!!! If you travel down to the boston area I will spread your name like wild fire!!!!! AMAZING!!!!




 Rebecca Trask
"" Oh boy. I have spent a week thinking about all the fabulous things I could say about Kevin BUT it would take a book to do that :) I will try to keep it brief.
My wedding on Oct 15 2011 would not have been as organized, positive, or stress free if Kevin had not been there. He ran between 3 different locations and did before shots, ceremony shots, and reception. He also provided music and enthusiasm to boot.
He kept things moving throughout the day and evening smoothly with his awesome people skills. If anyone is attending your wedding that isnt your favorite person he will make sure you dont even know they are there. Just point them out. He will take the stress and you will have no idea if anything goes awry.
He went so far as to search out a store and sew our wooden intials onto our table linens because he had exhausted any other way to hang them! THAT is going above and beyond. We sure didnt hire him to decorate our hall but he saw the need and met it. Which is what will happen again and again if you hire Kevin. Your needs and then some will be met. Quickly and happily :)
Best part? My 932 edited(beautifully) pictures were in my hands in less than a week. My suggestion to you? Dont make a mistake by hiring some pretend photographer/DJ. Just hire Kevin and get it over with!!! :)




Kim Deveau
"" Kevin has an amazingly artistic eye and a talent like no other I have seen. My brother was just married over this weekend and I was unable to travel with my newborn. Seeing Kevin's beautiful capture of this day makes me feel almost as if I saw it with my own eyes. Thank you so much for doing what you do. You have made Rebecca one happy bride. If you decide to travel I'll take you in NC! :-)




Melissa Pletts
"" I had the pleasure of seeing Kevin at work at a wedding this past weekend and all I can say is WOW! I was surprised to see that the DJ was also taking photos but he clearly had it all under control. I'm now seeing further proof of his skill in the photos which are absolutely gorgeous. It's obvious that Kevin enjoys what he does and he does it very well. I only wish I were getting married again so I could hire him for myself!




Christine Barnes Smith
"" Kevin was just wonderful. He got involved in the music and he was very professional and fun to be around. My neices wedding was great and you made it more special by the pictures and the music. You are great. Thanks




Chrystal Fulgham

You are truly AMAZING!! ♥ What an incredible night, thank you for everything!




Pam Presby
My cousin's Wedding was amazing & you were a big part of that!!!! Thanks :D




Jessica Jones
"" You were awesome at the wedding last night :)




I'm not even sure where to start. As the bride, I was hoping to "connect" with all of our vendors and Kevin was highly recommended by our caterer (The Good Food Store, Bethel Maine) who we loved so I called him and within 5 minutes and without any pricing details I knew Kevin would be our DJ. He was incredible to work with leading up to the event, extremely detailed but also totally flexible




Jill Boutelle
"" Were your ears ringing all day today? As mother of the bride at the skiesta wedding everyone only had good things to say! Great job!!!********




Ben Smith
"" This guy rocked SKIESTA as it was never rocked before. This guy was a great DJ and had great energy. Had my little sister and her friends going strong all night. Great job, and the best DJ at any wedding i have ever been to in my 35 years




Janelle Palomba
"" LOVED him at my sister's wedding! There is no way you can be around this guy and not have fun!







Thank you so much for a fantastic time on Saturday!

We all had so much fun dancing-- and your music was truly amazing!

You do a wonderful job of keeping the party going, and everyone talked about how much fun it was to have you be the DJ!


Thanks again and I hope to see you again soon,




Kristin Schardt



Karen Wells Schardt

Kevin made the bar mitzvah this past Saturday night! His choice of music was absolutely wonderful, a mix of new and old, which got everyone dancing (for hours!!!). His energy is infectious!



Meghan Conley

So...if, like me, you're a seriously awkward, self-conscious photo subject but for some reason need/want a professional portrait, headshot, family photos, wedding photos, etc., Kevin Ouellette of Amazing DJ Music is your man. Reasonably priced and super fun to work with, he'll trick you into not looking like you're facing down a firing squad. Yay!



Kristen Thomas

had a fantastically fun photo shoot with the amazing Kevin Ouellette last night! Can't wait to see the rest of his series on color :-)



Tanya Riche-Grace

Thank you Kevin for an amazing photo shoot today! I can't thank you enough for making Elena see just how beautiful she really is! you really have a gift



Tory Dietel Hopps, Senior Partner

I just wanted to say thank you so much for a rip roaring great night on the dance floor Saturday night! Your energy and music was fantastic and everybody has told us they loved you. We’ve given out your cards to many folks and will of course highly recommend you. Hope you can come back to do next year’s event. We’ll be in touch but please know we deeply appreciate you setting the night up for a terrific dance party.

Cheer s- Tory


Amanda Maliski


Sometimes in life there are moments so precious. Acomplishments and people that have touched our hearts and souls so greatly. Sometimes all we have left are the memories. To have a photograph of these moments or people that maybe we will never have or see them again. Are truly the greatest gifts in the world. You kevin are definantly BLESSED with talent and the ability to capture all aspects of emotion and beautiful energy that surrounds us all. For me never having a photoshoot done I was nervous. Instantly your ENERGY and PATIENCE opened me up for a fun playful time! You kevin are a GIFTED AMAZING man. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!



Angela McInnis

Kevin at Amazing DJ Music Sound & Photography is awesome and I highly recommend him. Nathan our 3 year old had a blast and Kevin is now his new buddy. Nathan was totally at ease and enjoyed playing and coloring. Terrific candid shots. The photos Kevin took are beautiful and will be treasured memories for years to come. We are still getting comments on them. The prices can't be beat!


Thank you Kevin!


Lisa Lane LaPointe

I hired Kevin to capture some family photos while my son was on leave from Army training. The time frame was extremely important as it is a brief window of time between 25 weeks of traning in South Carolina and intensive training in Texas before he heads off to Afghanistan. To complicate matters, I have a 4 and 6 year old who are not known for their cooperation. I expressed my concerns with Kevin when I originally booked the date and he immediately put my mind at ease. Today was the photo shoot, we arrived a bit frazzled... my hopes were mid-range. I figured if we could get a couple of good photos, it would be a success. Kevin never once flinched at the challenge. He put the children at ease immediately and had them laughing and participating within minutes. My oldest, the true hard sell, walked away saying that, “Kevin was really cool. That was fun.” The experience was memorable and a photos are amazing! Creative, artistic, something to be treasured! Thank you, Kevin! You have an amazing eye and great talent. Thanks to you, I have pictures and memories that will last a lifetime.



Deb Meredith
My son Aidan was born at 32 weeks with a congenital birth defect called Gastroschisis. He underwent multiple surgeries as a baby and two more surgeries recently, at 7 years old. Joining the March of Dimes to raise money for sick and premature babies helped me to feel empowered at a time when I had been feeling so powerless. I plan to make this an annual tradition, so to have you taking pictures to commemorate this first year meant more than I can say. Not only will I treasure these pictures for years to come, I was so impressed by you and your work. Your ideas were really creative, and you made even the most reluctant members of my team feel comfortable about having their picture taken – myself included. For what I have seen of the photos so far, I could not be happier! Thank you, Kevin, for being there!



Kevin has amazing energy that is infectious in a crowd! Kevin provided the DJ service at the 2012 MRPA Spring Conference. He played great music and really kept the crowd upbeat! He was charged with the task of giving out prizes for exceptional bowling and despite the overall crowd's lack of bowling skill, managed to give away all the prizes. Best of all, we laughed and had a great time in the process.

Natalie Gould, Eliot Community Service Department



Christine Ladd

So.... Kevin took my pregnancy photos the other day and I cannot say enough good things!!! So easy to work with and just phenomenal results... I would recommend him to absolutely anyone and already have... my suggestion is get him before he books up solid because he's gonna be busy soon with all the business he will get after I'm done singing his praises!!! Thank you Kevin for making this special time in my life even more special. Truly priceless....




I'm not sure my words can accurately convey how great a photographer Kevin is. Thankfully his amazing pictures speak for themselves! It is no easy task getting our very rambunctious crew of four kids currently aged six and younger into a picture and looking at the camera at the same time, but Kevin makes it look easy. In less than a minute of arriving, he has the kids relaxed and having fun. Kevin's energy and enthusiasm pulls the kids right in. They literally jump up and down with excitement when I mention going to see Kevin for pictures. Can't recommend him highly enough!

Jessica Woodbridge O'Brien




I can just not thank you enough for taking pictures of us yesterday and agreeing to take them of our big day! We are not engagement picture type people but you made it so easy and comfortable. Neither of us likes getting our picture even taken, never mind posing for them. Within minutes you had us feeling comfortable and even growling at them camera-what!? Well…that was more Mike than me. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures and have you there in March. You are great at what you do and I can only hope many people out there are as lucky as we are to experience it.


Amy Gadbois




Just had the best time taking my senior pictures with Kevin Ouellette (Amazing DJ Music (Sound and Photography))! He was a great photographer with an awesome sense of humor who made me feel so relaxed behind the camera. I highly recommend him for senior pictures!


Lauriana Gaudet



We hired Kevin Ouellette to bring a photo booth to a graduation party and he brought so much more to the party with him. Not only did we have a blast in the photo booth but Kevin's personality was a great addition to our party. He offered to document the occasion and captured some "amazing" photos. We really enjoyed meeting you and really appreciate the talent you bring to your photography.

Kelley Bowen



Kevin Ouellette of amazing DJ music made our daughter's recent wedding a huge success. Through the use of humor, he was able to keep all thepre wedding jitters to a minimum. He kept a low profile throughout the wedding but, at the same time, he smoothly moved the evening's events along a timeline by making key introductions and announcements.  He worked closely with both families to create a ceremony and reception playlist that exceeded everyones expectations. During the reception, the energy he put forth to create an atmosphere for dancing was truly amazing!! I have received numerous emails from guests singing Kevin's praises. I highly recommend him for any event.

Linda Simonsen



Kevin is ~amazing!~ He photographed our son for Senior pics. Within minutes we felt like we knew him for years! His humor and his style brought out my son's personality and the pictures revealed that. Natural talent!!

Carolyn Sawyer



I cannot say enough about Kevin and his ability to put his clients at ease. I was always the child that ruined the family photos growing up, now I have my own child that does the same thing. Kevin has been amazing at capturing an accurate portrayal of my boys' true character. We all look forward to photo shoots with Kevin, not only because they are fun but the outcome is truly a memory captured forever. I highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking for an artistic/creative photographer!

Gwen Mercier Godin



Kevin is a blast to work with! I've never had so many pictures taken so quickly and had so much fun while doing it!!! Kevin's energy is unstoppable and his ability to get us to pose without feeling like we were posing was awesome! His comical and fast-paced directions to look at this or look at that, and go this way and that way... all the while snapping shots made us feel like rockstars! Kevin is incredibly skilled at highlighting the beauty and essence of everything he photographs, and seeing him with camera in hand, it's clear that he truly loves taking pictures.

Emily Reinholt



Dear Kevin,

Thank you so much making our wedding such a beautiful and enjoyable day.  Your energy and professionalism surpassed our expectations.  We are so impressed with your willingness to help make every part of our reception memorable.  You were a fantastic DJ and we are pleased to call you our friend.

Meg McDonough


Kevin is such a natural born photographer- you can't go to a photography class to learn this! His fun loving, outgoing, energetic and easy going personality made us all feel comfortable to just be a family, not feel like there was someone taking photos of it all. When we met Kevin the kids were crying and I told him "good luck!". He said he was comfortable and had some great ideas. Our youngest daughter said it all with a HUG!!! To Kevin as we said goodbye! And if you knew our little one she is a hard sell! She has only done that to one other person! I look forward to more photo shoots with Kevin, but I am afraid a long waiting list is awaiting! It will be worth the wait! Thanks for a great day already some amazing photos! ;)

Amy Rose


Kevin worked the photography and the music for our wedding on July 14th, 2012. I don't really know how to express how awesome Kevin was to work with. He's a true jack of all trades wedding. He's a wedding planner, photographer, dj, chief of excitement, life of the party, organizer, etc, etc, etc. And the pictures, the pictures so far have been absolutely amazing, from engagement to the pix he posted to facebook during the wedding! I really can't say enough good things about Kevin and his team. Seriously Kevin can do it all and makes things run so smooth. I don't think anyone could have done a better job. Kevin is the man.
Kevin you helped make our day so special, thanks for everything and all the extras you do for free.

 Mike Garniss





Kevin, What can we say other than you are truly AMAZING! Not only where you the best DJ we could of asked for, but you did everything... watched the kids, decorated, made us eat, laugh, taught people to dance, literally everything. Thank You! You made our day Amazing and everyone is still talking about you. And to top it off you send us an Amazing card we got to enjoy the day we got home from our honeymoon.
Thank you for being the AMAZING DJ you are!
~Mr. & Mrs. Bishop :)



I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the beautiful images you captured of our daughter. What started as a simple photo shoot looking for a headshot turned into an adventure. Your incorporated our ideas into your own while adding a unique talent for setting and perspective. We not only got the headshot we needed but I have some beautiful images to add to our family photos. I am glad we decided to be one of your repeat customers and look forward to working with you again in the future.

Kelley Bowen



You did an amazing job last night at the Miller party, music, photos and serving food, you're the whole package!

Jamie LaRocca Sprague



Anyone who second guesses booking kevin for their wedding is making a huge mistake! He did an amazing job from start to finish and was always available and helpful when I needed. My family is not easily impressed, and appreciate quality service. They could not stop talking about how great Kevin was to work with. He was easy going, disappeared while he was taking great shots, helped us organize everything andddd danced like a mad man keeping the party alive the entire night. I was very skeptical when he told me he could do it all, but his energy is unmatchable. He must be a robot, because he covers all the bases at once and stays calm and smiling! But what I loved best is his ability to listen to us and understand our vision of what we wanted. He is super creative and we are proud to say we have very unique wedding photos! My husband and I are both artists and have a very picky visual aesthetic, but Kevin pleased us both! Thank you for helping make our special day everything that we could have dreamed of. And we hope to have taught you a thing or two about crazy Greeks!

Elianna Mesaikos Phelps



You are absolutely amazing! Amanda and Mike's wedding was perfect! By far the best ive seen! keep up the good work! and remember if any of your customers need a hairdresser, i'm that girl :)

Amanda Zahn



Booking Kevin for our wedding was the best decision I've ever made! Highly recommend him for any event. He adds his own personal touches that just makes it so much more fun and exciting. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else and so glad that he was a part of my special day. Many compliments from all my guests and requests of hiring him for their special occasions. Book him now and you will not be disappointed!

~ Amanda DeFranzo Salois



You did a beautiful job at Mike and Amandas wedding. The pictures came out absolutley beautiful! Some of the best ive seen. Great music as well, had lots of fun.

Erika Gaznick



I would like to start by thanking you for last Saturday. Our wedding was great, exactly as I hoped for and maybe more. It was certainly with your help and attention to detail that we will forever have the memories you captured and helped to create. Thank you, thank you, thank you, one million times, thank you!

Bailey Hall Gordon



A huge thank you to Kevin for helping to make my stepdaughter's wedding reception so amazing. He set the tone for the evening and was so fun, personable and energetic. The photo booth was the biggest hit among all the guests, with people visiting multiple times. Kevin delighted guests when he came out and danced -- and quite well .

His enthusiasm is complemented by his kindness and warmth. I wholeheartedly recommend him!

Tracy Cobb



Thank you thank you thank you!!!! You captured my guys so perfect!!!!!! Tears come to my eyes from what I have seen and I know it will just get better! You are a gem my dear! Keep making memories! Love you!

Rebecca Trask



I don't even know where to begin...Kevin is the most amazing photographer EVER!! "Photographer" doesn't fully describe what kevin does though. He makes sure that every last detail and preparedness is taken care of for you - and when you are the bride, having someone like Kevin there to make sure everything goes as you want it, is incredibly comforting. There was a chance of rain on our wedding day

and Kevin showed up at the hotel with his entire set of equipment, so that if we had to, we could do a full photo shoot in our suite! He also coordinated with a local coffee shop so that we could do pictures there also. - neither of which I had any idea that Kevin had planned! After you meet Kevin once, you will feel like you have known him forever. He has a wonderful energy that can’t help put a smile on everyones faces. Now, enough about how awesome Kevin is as a person....he IS also a photographer and an extraordinarily talented one at that. The shots that he is able to get are just absolutely gorgeous - stunning- amazing- I could go on and on with adjectives! We couldn’t be more pleased with Kevin’s work on our wedding day. Thank you Kevin!!!

- Cheryl & Justin Ryan







Kevin I don't know where to begin. As a bride we all worry about alot of things and mostly about finding the right photographer. We all want our pictures to be perfect. You are truly amazing. you captured the memories of our day to the tee. After seeing just the first one I had tears in my eyes. And as I continued to look I was in complete tears. Thank you for going above and beyond what any of us expected.  I will recommend you to all my friends and family. And will cherish our wedding photos forever.

- Gail McCauley



What awesome memories we were able to create by having a photo booth at my daughters wedding! Equally memorable is the fun we had with Kevin. He did an amazing job and if he is in the room, you can't help but have a great time! I would recommend him for any event you might have going. He is definitely family friendly and bride savvy!

Nancy Oakes



Thank you so much for taking my senior pictures! It was blast and you had so many good ideas! It was such a fun experience for me! You're amazing! :)

Kelsey Bailey



it was a pleasure meeting you Kevin. Love your energy and personality...your great with kids and capturing the moments (phantom photographer lol ) I would definitely recommend you to friends and family for their next events!!!
you did the Reid family proud!!!

Francesca Harris



Kevin, thank you for the wonderful day . My family will teasure the memories, pictures, and fun we had today. You were a huge part of that. Can't thank you enough.

Donna Reid




Want to give Kevin Ouellette of Amazing DJ Music a big thank you for doing an absolutely AMAZING job at our wedding earlier this month! Kevin was extremely organized and helpful from the very first meeting we had with him, right up until I walked down the aisle. Then came the music and flow of the reception, and thanks to Kevin, it was flawless! Kevin is not only a fantastic and energetic DJ, he'll be there for you and is ready to help you in any way he can. If you want a fun, energetic and organized DJ, Kevin is your man!

Annah Thayer



Kevin... I have to tell you how much I enjoy your photographs... I do not know the people in them, but you capture them in a way that makes me feel like I do..I make my way to Maine every summer with my children and intend to visit you for a session next time I am there! Keep up the amazing work!

Heather Caponi



Kevin Ouellette is absolutely an amazing photographer who goes above and beyond with everything he does. My husband and I actually got married almost a year ago and just recently learned that our wedding photos were lost and we would not be receiving them from our original wedding photographer. When Kevin, who was photographing my friends wedding that I was in, heard about this news he offered to take a photo shoot of my husband and I in our wedding attire and even offered to do so at no charge. Words can not truly describe how much this meant to my husband and I, who didn't think we would ever have any wedding photos. Kevin almost immediately contacted me to set up a date and time that worked for us. My husband and I showed up to the photo shoot expecting just to have a few professional pictures taken. Kevin spent nearly two hours taking a numerous amount of pictures with many different beautiful settings. The thing that I'd admired and respect the most about Kevin is how sincerely he loves his job and what he does. He has this way of putting you at easy and sharing the experience with you. I would highly recommend Kevin Ouellette to everyone I know. Thank you so much Kevin for giving us something to remember our wedding day :)

Lauren Keene Parks



This is far over due but..just have to say how amazing you were at our parents anniversary party in July! You jumped in anytime possible to do whatever needed to be done above and beyond what I expected! Ready for another party just to get you to DJ and take pictures! You were GREAT!!

Jessica Miller Winberry



Kevin, you did an amazing job-thank you so much for everything. Your personality is perfect for what you do. I had so much fun and will tell everyone how amazing you are :). Can't wait to see more shots.

Katy Avallone



I have to say, every photograph you post is simply stunning!! Its pretty incredible when images containing complete strangers are able to produce such pleasure ... and I'm not talking about one or two .. I mean each and every one!!!! Fabulous!!!

Elisheba Lynch



I just did a super fun photo shoot with my very talented friend Kevin Ouellette. If you need pictures for anything (engagement, wedding, work, fun) look no further. He's simply understands how to capture your happy in a picture. Amazing.

Larissa Haynes



Hi Kevin,
The pictures are terrific - just love them and can't wait to see more. I've had a great time today looking at them all! You are Amazing....

Janet McCandless Avallone



Christian and I just wanted to tell you what an amazing time we had with you during our engagement photo shoot!! You really made us feel so relaxed and the photos we've seen so far have been perfect! Cant wait for the final photos. We are so excited for the big day and to have you be part of it!!!

Meri Swift & Christian



We just had our photos taken. These man is just pure amazing. He makes you feel very comfortable and continually making you laugh. Kevin was very accommodating to our busy schedules. With in hours a few photos were ready to view which came out awesome. Anyone needing photo needs this is the person. :)

Kim Dana



Hi Kevin! Thank you so much for making senior picture taking such a fun experience for my daughter! You have an incredibly natural way of making people comfortable while getting to know them. You're most definitely a people person! Everyone who has seen the pictures says they came out awesome! We've recommended you several times and will continue to do so!! Thank you again.

Linda Conlogue MacMillan



You really are an AMAZING DJ. We had the best time at Nikki & Sean's wedding - you kept things hopping all night! It's evident that you really love what you do - such a gift! I wish you could bottle some of your energy - I could use a bottle! LOL. Thanks again for helping to make this wedding such a memorable one!!

Deb Rocco Barnum



I had the opportunity to see Kevin Ouellette in action this weekend at my good friend's wedding up at the Samoset Resort and I was extremely impressed.. He was their photographer and DJ. My daughter was the flower girl and at only 23 months, I was expecting disaster or tears 90% of the time. Kevin was phenomenal with my daughter. He was so patient and entertaining. He kept her laughing

and engaged and was still able to capture the priceless moments beautifully (which is almost impossible to do with a 2 yr old constantly on the move). There was a very large wedding party (I was one of 10 bridesmaids and there were 10 groomsmen) and normally that is chaos for a photographer, but he was able to get the shots he needed in a timely fashion and keep us all in order.....all while keeping the bride happy and calm. I was impressed that he had a finished and edited slide show of some of the most amazing photos of the day on an iPad displaying on the bride and groom's sweetheart table at the reception (no idea where he found the time to do that!)...the guests were all impressed too as I saw them all enjoy the beautiful slide show. He seems to have a very natural eye for interesting and intriguing/artsy shots. Of what I have seen so far, they are gorgeous pictures of a very special day and I can't wait to see more! On top of being a fantastic photographer, he was a very interactive and entertaining DJ and was able to balance doing both quite well at the reception! Thanks so much Kevin for making my daughter feel comfortable during a very overwhelming day for her and taking such great pictures of Jenna and Kristian's wedding. I'd recommend you to anyone. :-)

Andrea Taliento McBride












You went WAY above and beyond




"You went WAY above and beyond..."


Kevin, where do I even begin? Not only are you an extremely talented photographer but also a wonderfully fun DJ! Getting to work with you for a photo shoot a few months ago was such a good time and thanks to you, I have beautiful, professional and original photographs that I’m still receiving compliments on! More recently, you made my sister’s wedding a total BLAST and smooth evening f

or everyone involved. Not only did you get the crowd dancing throughout the evening, but you helped to relieve a lot of nerves and stress that comes with prepping for such a big event. You went WAY above and beyond and truly helped to make the night fun, energetic and special. Thank you for everything!

Jaimie Galietta

You have such sensitivity, passion, laughter, love